Full Moon Update 28/7/2018

Full Moon Blessings

Total Lunar Eclipse

Energy Update


Wow did you get up to watch Grandmother Moon in all her glory this morning?

It sure was worth it!

Today everything comes back into perfect alignment, as we had the Moon, Sun & Earth perfectly aligning for the Full Lunar Eclipse.

As Grandmother Moon turned blood red during the longest eclipse for a century.

The wounds of the womb were collectively released & transformed by our Ancient Mother, she wants her daughter Mother Earth to heal & rise again in all her glory.

Just as we are wished & blessed with the same healing.

Hearts & Souls have been transformed.

For those who chose to moon bathe you will feel a huge shift in your psyche, belief systems, heart connection, ancient activations, great insight, visions & clarity for the magical path that is opening.

You will feel a huge release.

She is full in the Air sign of Aquarius, the water barer.

The key is to connect, release & heal those deep wounds now.

It’s time for no more fear, pain & suffering.

It’s time to rise & shine.

It’s time to liberate & free yourself from anyone or anything that diminishes or no longer serves you.

It’s time to align to purpose & service.

It’s time to answer the call of the Goddess within & rise in all your beauty, gifts & grace.

It’s time to heal the aspects of the Divine Feminine, The Child, Maiden, Mother, Crone to become the Goddess & rise again as the divine & sovereign being you are.

It’s time to open our hearts once & for all to not only give but receive love.

It’s time to let our soul howl at the moon & express its truths, dreams, hopes, desires & yearnings.

Its time for clarity, awakening, empowerment, reconnection, enlightenment.

It is a dawning of a new age of consciousness, connection & humanity awakening.

It’s time for the Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine to coexist in the divine union it was created in.

It is time to remember who you are & why you are here.

It’s time to spread those mighty hard earnt wings & fly.

It’s time to connect with soul tribes.

It’s time to awaken & share your wisdom & gifts to the world.

It is time dear ones, it is time.

Do the releasing & realigning work now so you are ready for the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

The next 2 weeks aligns & takes us through the Lions Gate.

Are you brave & courageous?

Have you found your Lions Heart?

Many blessings dear ones,

The heavens have shined & smiled upon us.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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