Energy Update – Welcome August

Energy Update

Welcome August

8/2018 = 19/10/1 universal 1 month

We welcome our 8 month, the number of infinite possibilities, growth, illumination.

It’s the horses birthday.

It’s Imbolc the mid point between Solstice & Equinox where the reset point has been reached.

The mighty Wheel of Life turns again.

We start to head towards spring.

The fruit trees are full of blossom in anticipation for a bumper harvest.

Bulbs & new shoots are appearing on all the dormant plants.

The baby lambs have grown fat & strong.

We are sandwiched between our trilogy of eclipses.

After we just went through the longest for a century Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, that delved deep into our psyche, much has been cleared & settled.

We are assimilating the illumination & awakening of our heart & soul.

We have a record number of 6 planets in retrograde.

Last night Mars, the planet of war was closest to earth & clearly visible by the eye in 34 years.

The next few nights we have 5 planets clearly visible in the night sky to the naked eye.

Heralding the healing of the Sacred Masculine and the massive process men have been undertaking this year to shift the old Patriarchal Paradigm.

Women started the shift & healing back in December 2012. No coincidence there, with taking 6 years, 6 being the number of families & communities.

The remerging of the Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine within all of us is taking place as the fractured aspects heal.

Getting the drift here, there’s lots of alignments & a mighty presence in the heavens above like we have never seen or felt before.

As above, so below.

Now we prepare for the mighty Lions Gate on 8/8.

We have the Great Central Sun sending light codes & activations to our Higher Self.

For the Sirius Starseeds an opportunity to connect to home & soul food.

We have record Whale numbers again complete with the sighting of a second White Whale, a partner or friend for Migaloo.

Whales are our Ancient Wisdom Keepers.

The ancients foretold that when the white animals come back to Earth, it will herald the dawning of consciousness, a paradigm shift.

We are preparing for our New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse on the 11/8 where we are finally free to forge ahead.

We are being challenged to release all that diminishes us & our personal power in preparation for this New Moon.

Your Lions Heart is being tested & activated, igniting your strength & courage.

Are you getting ready to rise?

Do you feel restless or like a caged Lion ready to spring into action?

Are you recovering from your pride or has your ego taken a hit?

Did you get challenged to change, having to get out of your head/ego & drop into your heart to feel once & for all?

Or are you going to sabotage yourself or happiness because of your mighty pride/ego?

Are you ready to rule your domain?

Are you further along your journey of Self Mastery?

Have those hopes & dreams started to take shape & appear?

Are you ready to launch a new cycle, give birth to new ideas, start a new job or business?

Has your relationship found the courage to break through old patterns & evolve?

Has passion or fire ignited in your belly?

Enjoy the transformation dear ones,

It’s been a mighty journey,

Blessings await for the brave.

Be amongst those who dare to dream & believe.

For the heavens are aligning.

Shine brightly dear ones,

We are birthing the world we belong in now, not the world that we want to run & escape from.

Together we awaken, we create.

We manifest & build.

We’ve waited a long time for now.

How are you going to step up, to shine brightly, to be of service, to make a difference, to be all you are?

You are a much loved child of the Universe, connected to all.

Conscious & awakened.

Be amongst the few who dare to follow their dreams.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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