Energy Update 26/7/2018

Energy Update,

Thursday July 26, 2018


Because sometimes you need a rainbow butterfly unicorn kitten.

Big energy abounds as we build for the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

A spotlight is being placed deep into your psyche & shadow self, your deepest darkest pain or fear will be triggered, or offered the opportunity to transform & transmute.

We are all being given this opportunity to finally be free & ascend.

But have you found your Lions heart?

Have you finally found the strength & courage to face what, or whom, holds you back or diminishes you?

Have you been on your journey of self mastery?

Are you finally ready to be the Master of your destiny?

Are you ready to love & honour you?

We have a once in a lifetime eclipse, we get a long time 1.5hrs in this vortex or portal to do some big healing as Grandmother Moon illuminates in Aquarius, the sign of the Water Barer but it is an Air sign.

There’s your magical key.

You have to go through that heart space or heartache for the emotional charge to flow, activating deep healing, liberating your soul.

But only the brave will be called through the mighty Lions Gate.

I’ve been shown we aren’t allowed to take the lower vibrations & attachments with us, that’s why we have all received mighty challenges over the last 3 months, to cut off people that drain us, set healthy strong boundaries around us, stand tall, knowing & speaking our truth, know our moral compass, connect to our spirituality.

That’s been our primary catalyst.

So if you have been doing your soul work you will be experiencing a sense of wonder, magic, manifestation, alignment, a feeling of liberation.

Passion, strength & pride will be pulsing through your veins, with fire igniting in your belly, allowing you to forge through any real or perceived challenges, conflict & fears.

But don’t let your pride get in the way.

Truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth will do.

You have to get real now & stop with the denials, excuses & self sabotage.

Stop pussy footing around & get real.

Either you will be ready, or you are making excuses, playing the victim, blaming everyone else, but refusing to take responsibility for your growth & evolution.

I can guarantee you it’s not coming delivered on a silver platter if you haven’t earnt it.

Many have been licking their wounds from a painful separation, communication & relationship breakdowns, friendships combusting, family issues & conflicts, betrayal or realisation.

This ascension path is for the brave & courageous.

I know how hard it is when everything gets splattered, shattered, crumbles or gets torn away from you.

You stand raw, vulnerable & often feel like you are floundering on your own on this spiritual path.

That is until you are magically drawn to Teachers/mentors, like minded souls & discover your soul tribe.

Then you are home, you belong, you no longer feel all alone, odd or different.

That’s the very moment that you know you have found your path, remember who you are, why you are here & take your place on Pride Rock.

Magic really is in the air.

Blessings are being offered.

Light code activations & energy upgrades are happening.

Consciousness is rising.

Ascension & the Age of Aquarius is here.

The Divine Feminine has awakened & she is ready to walk as an equal with the Sacred Masculine, uniting again as one in their sacred heart spaces.

Great love is on offer, with relationships that have survived this mighty Rites of Passage elevating to a new level of love, truth, commitment, compassion, vibration, understanding, communication & connection.

Deep soul wounds have received healing & released.

Past Life & Soul Contracts have been honoured & completed.

Great Ancestral healing is happening.

Some will receive their Karma.

So wherever you are at on your mighty journey of self mastery, embrace the magic that is on offer.

The hierarchy really are saying it’s divine timing.

You are a beloved Child of the Universe.

You are so very important & special.

You just may see your very own rainbow butterfly unicorn cat or the mighty Stargate Lion.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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