Energy Update 9/8/2018

Energy Update


Well the energy has been a powerhouse since the Full Blood Moon Eclipse, yes that was less than 2 weeks ago but feels like months ago.

We have all been releasing deep soul wounds, Karma, Soul Contracts have been completed or renegotiated.

We have walked up to & some have passed through the Lions Gate.

Now this is an energetic ascension.

The Great Central Sun for the last month has just supercharged our Sun & Mother Earth, as well as all her children.

What do you think triggers the triad of eclipses & all these 100 year rare celestial events?

Sirius is the planet of star seeds who’s purpose on earth is to hold & be the essence of pure Love.

You will know them when you meet them, hearts as big as Texas, holding great & deep ancient wisdom. Usually working in a caring capacity.

We hold & emanate natural Mother energy & are deeply connected to heaven & earth, having a depth of compassion & nurturing way beyond the capacity that seems humanly possible.

Our life is to be of service, holding pure love & light in the darkest & harshest of places.

Helping, guiding & nurturing everyone we come in contact with to remember & see their divinity within.

So do you get what the Lions Gate will energetically demand from you?

It’s very existence is love & connection to your Higher Self, so the whole purpose is to help you return or remember your own divinity & purpose.

To return to & reconnect to your Higher Heart.

Who better than the mighty Lion to be the proud symbol of our ascension path, it’s the ruler of its domain.

Lions are strong, courageous, loyal, proud, fearless, respected, awe inspiring, incredibly graceful & majestic creatures, at the top of the food chain, live & die by the rules of the land.

Lion is regal & proclaimed king of the jungle.

Are you getting it’s sacred medicine?

So are you going to go on the biggest journey of your life to reclaim your Lions Heart?

Are you ready to walk on your own or united as a pack with a forged soul tribe?

Are you strong enough to face any challenge & know that it’s your wisdom, love & self mastery that is being offered, challenged, activated & empowered?

We have the dark moon phase coming in.

We need to take all this sacred soul food & integrate it now.

You have been flooded with activations, DNA upgrades, cellular transformation, sacred codes, insight.

Remember all your sacred seeds that you have planted & been nurturing all winter & maybe even years or lifetimes.

Our New Moon partial Solar Eclipse in Leo will demand you know, work on, release or purge anything that may still diminish you, or hold you back from achieving those dreams & purpose.

If you aren’t in your heart space yet, be prepared for some mighty challenges.

So be aware of your intuition, instincts, psyche, dreams, people who suddenly arrive in your world, new connections, what fires you up, where you may even snarl or growl.

But one thing is for sure dear ones, if you have done the soul work, we are ready to let out a mighty roar.

It is time to get ready to birth the new you, new life, new consciousness, new world where love is the way.

Love is the greatest power for change.

Love is simply divine.

But you need your Lions Heart to be the change.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings,

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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