The Sacred Key

The Sacred Key.

9 years ago I went on a journey of awakening.

I travelled all over Europe to sacred sites & with divine timing, I was blessed to be in Egypt at Isis Temple on my birthday.

It was the trip of a lifetime, blessed my Boyzies met us & we travelled the 4 of us for 6 weeks.

In Egypt I looked all over to find a Lapis Ankh but to no avail. I did get a statue of mumma Isis carved from the stones of the pyramids.

Now exactly 9 years later, I have it in my hand, delivered through the Lions Gate.

The spiritual journey takes time to walk it, to absorb it, to live it, to become it.

Don’t think you can do it in a minute, a day, or a week, it’s impossible.

We go in spirals, ever deepening to the depths of our being.

When you are ready, your blessings come.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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