Energy Update 6/9/2018

Energy Update

Thurs 6/9/2018

Can you feel it?

Do you feel like a mighty weight has been lifted or you can start to breathe?

Our parent planet Saturn, has finally finished its 5 month retrograde cycle.

Saturn has been going over our life lessons & guiding us through our year of self mastery.

It’s been enforcing a lot of restrictions & flexing its muscles, giving us all a good serving of some tough love.

And like any good parent, Saturn knew you didn’t need it to be your friend, but your parent.

That you needed to learn some big stuff & life lessons, and truly only had your best interests at heart.

Even though like petulant children, we all threw plonkers, fell to our knees & pleaded enough was enough.

But NO Child, we were all sternly told, you will go through this, face your fears & grow.

And it’s been bloody tough for most.

Change is uncomfortable, it’s meant to be.

Growth is hard.

But nothing is more painful than staying where you don’t belong & dying a soul painful death inside.

We are now birthing a new you.

It’s the Dark Moon phase and the expecting planet/parents are waiting for the safe arrival and reemergence of their beloved child, that they have worked so hard to prepare & support.

We are rebirthing into our new improved & upgraded version of ourselves & running systems.

We aren’t the same anymore.

So till our New Moon Sunday you maybe reflective, feel deflated & need to conserve your energy.

It will help to rest, ground & spend time in nature, to deeply reconnect to the Virgo Earth energy.

It will stabilise, support & ground you.

You may be feeling restless ready to spring into action & this blessed new phase of your life.

You maybe decluttering & beautifying your outer world, a direct reflection of your inner world.

Strong, empowered, knowing your truth & moral compass.

You may be seeing problems resolving.

Relationships & friendship issues sorted.

Your new world is ready to receive the new you.

Shine brightly Dear Ones,

We have waited for this moment to arrive all year.

Hold strong, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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