Victim or Victorious?

Powerful & thought provoking words.

Raw Truth……..

Are you going to be a victim or victorious?

A victim & warrior are not separate or different people, these archetypes are within us all.

It’s your mind set.

Its your choice.

It’s you reclaiming your personal power & stepping into your I Am essence.

It’s you loving & honouring you & your needs.

It’s you taking back, or exerting your free will.

It’s you saying no more & drawing that line in the sand.

Finally knowing that you not only desire, but deserve better.

It’s about mutually beneficial relationships & friendships built on love, respect, truth, integrity or just don’t bother.

Setting healthy strong boundaries around you & your time.

We all have a “shit happens” file.

But you decide if it gets to break you, defines you, enables you, or empowers you.

When you change your thoughts you break cycles & behaviours.

When you drop out of the mind being the master & heart being the slave everything shifts.

You change your thoughts, feelings, emotions, patterns, triggers, responses, reactions, self sabotage, self sacrifice, attachments & rules of engagement.

It is in the harshest most brutal times where we discover the cloth we are cut from, where we grow & learn the most.

We become wiser & stronger.

It’s never a wasted experience if we learn & grow from it.

But don’t be a fool, for the lessons will only get more brutal & harsher, if you choose to continue on the same path, refusing to grow, awaken & to not evolve.

For then you self prophecies & manifest your victimhood.

You have to make a choice, to make a change, or things will always stay the same.

Then and only then will you become a warrior, facing & conquering your fears, pain & suffering.

You are no longer a victim.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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