Inner Child

Inner Child

So many have adult issues because their inner child isn’t happy or feeling safe & loved.

It’s our primal earthly need to feel safe, seen, heard, loved.

It’s what a child needs to not only survive but thrive.

But it’s through this very time that life changes you.

You leave mum & home stepping out into the big wide world by going to school, and suddenly there are many outside influences.

We are told we can’t be or do things.

We are told what to believe.

We are moulded into our environments.

We form our religious or spiritual beliefs.

We become proficient in language.

We start to learn & be educated into a system.

All this reprogrammed us.

We were born pure love & light.

All these experiences either empower us & we flourish, or sadly we get so dumbed down & desensitised that we loose ourself & connection to our I Am essence.

We have child like reactions, or inmaturity where the child archetype rules, throwing tantrums & behaving just like a child to get what they want.

Many develop trust & intimacy issues.

Many struggle with relationships.

Inner Child healings are so powerful.

We hold sacred space & help you journey back to heal any emotional charges, take away responsibilities, let the child in you free of burdens or haunting memories & set them free to play.

This mighty Crone will always love, nurture & protect this precious aspect of me.

That little warrior goddess reminds me of my essence before the world tried to change me.

I regularly let her play, have special treats that I loved as a child, stopping & looking with magic in my eyes & child like wonder.

Remembering all the amazing things I could just naturally do when I was little.

Then I realised everyone else couldn’t do the same tricks, that I was somehow different.

I remember thinking I better not do them & be different, but now she does her tricks all the time & it’s what I’m known for, my healing, psychic & hearts abilities.

I always nurture & honour those gifts I was born with.

It’s my very essence & reason I Am here, to be of service & help others awaken & connect to their souls essence.

Do you do that for the little inner child within?

It may be just the thing to free & empower you.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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