Full Moon Blessings – energy update 28/6/2018

Full Moon Blessings

Energy Update


Well the sky was glowing last night but this morning I was woken early, as I watched in amazement as Grandmother Moon sat over the ocean, she turned from pure white to ochre, orange, gold.

She just absorbed all the energy being released from the 3 lower chakras.


So we have passed the build up & the pressure should start to release & subside today as we slowly start to walk out of these transformational energies.

For many they are wondering what just happened?

Did a tsunami or earthquake shake your world to it’s very foundations?

Many have been dealing with heartbreak or damage control, or the fallout within relationships.

Many are leaving jobs for new careers or inspired to finally study & learn about what inspires you.

Many old archaic family dynamics have been played out for too long, too many generations, so great ancestral patterning & healing has been happening.

Many are grounding their new upgraded light bodies into the physical.

You may feel the need to purge, let go, or have a mighty clean up, declutter, sort stuff.

You may feel an overwhelming need for change.

You may have become frustrated or intolerant of certain people or situations, you have had enough & now you are the change.

You may have woken up sensing a shift or stability is returning to your perspective on life & where you are going.

You may have dug deep to the very core of your being to learn your vulnerability, pain & suffering.

You may now know the very essence that is the most sacred within.

The place you now know that needs your love, nurturing & protection.

You may have been inspired to set strong healthy boundaries around you.

You may have been a volcano & erupted, sending an earth quake through your old world that no longer serves you.

You may feel stripped bare, raw, vulnerable, exposed.

But just like The Tree of Life teaches us, in Winter, we are stripped back to bare the cold enduring chill & winds.

We have to shed all from the last cycles, to rest & recharge.

We send our roots deeper into Pachamumma, to receive deep nurturing, in preparation for our magnificent new growth & spring harvest.

Well so are we.

You are your own sacred tree, and this is life teaching you how to be one with the universe, Sun, Moon, planets, cycles within cycles, seasons, energy.

The ancients know this & live by this.

This is the very guidance I share with you, to help your insight or mighty inward journey.

These pictures reflect & show how we are energetically.

For some who have done the work a sense of freedom, liberation & happiness is returning, knowing that life will go on.

I know it’s been hard,

I know how weary we all are.

But please take time out in nature to ground this energy.

Yesterday as it built I felt restless so I just sat absorbing the sun/soul energy.

I just sat & breathed.

Then I got a mighty recharge of energy.

I was then inspired to put on my favourite music then completely cleaned & moved my bedroom around, I smudged & cleansed my whole house, I cleansed all my crystals, I shifted the energy in my sacred space.

I even decluttered my Facebook & electronic connections.

I realised I was cleaning & letting go on all levels, emotional, physical, mental & spiritual and I felt amazing & proud of my shift & hard work.

Both my home & myself have shifted.

So work with this energy & channel or focus your energy into building the world & relationships you want.

After all, you are the Master of your destiny.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright Jenny Boffa – Energising Souls


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