Look deep within.

Where there is still pain, hurt, reactions, triggers, mood swings, anger, frustration because you can be guaranteed it has an ancient wound buried there.

Many are dealing with Ancestral wounds.

Many are dealing with childhood wounds.

Many are dealing with Karma.

Many are dealing with old outdated soul contracts.

Many are dealing with family traits & patterning.

Many are dealing with relationship patterning & triggers.

It’s the exact place this energy is demanding we go.

Make no mistake it’s tough love & hard work.

For many it is a conscious choice to bury old wounds, we do this as a survival mechanism.

But some patterns & wounds are so deeply entrenched, they are formed over many lifetimes & some are working with old ancient aspects to see how they have continued to impact our life now, healing & releasing Karmic wounds & bindings.

Our most primal need is to survive.

So when we face our worst nightmares like abuse, neglect, violence, grief, separation, death, abandonment etc, if we can’t cope or deal with it we bury or run from it.

The old fight or flight mechanism.

But it eats us alive.

It dulls or manipulates our love & light.

It takes us away from Source, from our life force energy, from our deep connections to self & all that is.

We shrivel up & feel like we are dying a slow painful death inside.

As your love & light fades it’s excruciating & you become a shadow of your magnificent self.

But the 5 powerhouse planets in retrograde (reverse) are flexing their muscles & demanding great introspection or review, as they rehash life’s lessons.

Anything that limits or diminishes us is under intense internal scrutiny.

Mercury – planet of communication

Uranus- sudden & unexpected changes

Mars – battles, war, passion

Neputune – dreams, nightmares, illusions

Saturn – parent, boundaries, tough love

Throw in Winter Solstice, 3 supermoon (closest to earth) Full Moon, upcoming eclipses & the Lions Gate, I think you get the picture that the Master Teacher, the University of Life is seeing if we have learnt, grown or evolved we move ahead.

Are you going to pass or fail the test of self love?

Are you ready to unearth, nurture, release, change, evolve, love all of you?

Are you ready to be the hero of your story?

Are you sick & tired of feeling this way?

How has your strategy been working for you?

The only way forward is through it, to deal with that unspoken shame, pain, hurt, suffering & neglect.

If you haven’t learnt, grown, run, fear change & stay small your lessons now will be tough love.

You will feel like everything is going wrong & you are about to or have just shattered into a million pieces.

But that’s the very moment the light gets in.

We have to become sick & tired of feeling that way.

Our hand is forced & change is offered.

But will you make the choice to make the change, or things will always stay the same?

After all, this is our 2018, our 11 year of self mastery.

Are you learning what it takes to be the Master of your destiny?

Are you mastering your life lessons?

Are you ready to stand tall?

Are you going to talk the talk or walk the walk?

Are you ready to rise from the rubble & destruction like the Phoenix rises from the ashes?

The choice is yours dear ones.

But now it’s the time for great healing, freedom, liberation, enlightenment, empowerment & consciousness.

But are you brave enough to love & nurture you whole?

Are you ready to be the Divine & Sovereign Being that you are & were born to be?

Are you ready for your rebirth?

Are you ready to be the best version of self that you can be?

Then blessings are here dear ones.

Your path home to self is appearing.

It’s time to bring heaven to earth & end your pain, isolation & suffering.

It’s time to remember that pain & suffering is a conscious choice, so what do you choose to do now?

It’s time to create the world you want to live in, not run or escape from.

It’s Self Mastery time.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) JB – Energising Souls


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