Energy Update 27/6/2018

Energy Update


Tomorrow morning 28/6/2018 at 2.23am (Adel) we have Grandmother Moon fully illuminated in the Earth sign of Capricorn.

We have Moon in Capricorn (Earth) & Sun in Cancer (water) so there are you keys.

Cancer energy is all about families, home, relationships, I told you about the Crab Medicine, fiercely defending its home or loved ones with nippers blazing, but one emotional tidal hit & she gets flipped exposing her vulnerable underbelly.

Well that could be you now.

Grandmother Moon shines the spotlight on your foundations, your roots, your security, your primal earthly needs.

The Capricorn Mountain Goat Medicine teaches you that to reach the top of that mountain you will have to be sure footed, fearless & have a clear path forward to reach your goals.

But you may find yourself dangerously hanging on for dear life exposed on the side of the crumbling mountain in a precarious position, full of fear & self doubt, wondering where the hell am I going or how am I going to survive this time?

But you can & will.

This very energy is demanding you get real & stand strong & talk with your truth.

Watch for lots anger & frustration as retrograde Mars the planet of war or battle demands that we learn how to use fire energy in a constructive way.

But will that be an internal or external battle?

If you use it as rage, anger, control, manipulation or power you will get burnt & great destruction will happen.

You may turn this anger on another or implode yourself, literally having a melt down or pushed too far & you snap, your hand has been forced & the truth will come spewing out.

But this fire is the very energy boost you needed to finally eliminate what no longer serves you or diminishes you.

It’s demanding we let go of anything that is toxic or no longer serves our earth walk.

We can no longer just hang on, we have to move through this energy to safe ground.

Capricorn Moon gifts us the opportunity to finally have our absolute truth & direction we are heading sorted.

Much pressure will come on unhappy relationships & old outdated family dynamics.

Great reality has been seen & delivered & many are sitting in the rubble of their once safe world but the tower has come crashing down.

Now the Phoenix rises from the ashes.

After all the deepest roots are with family, home & loved ones.

It’s also where our best teachers or mirrors are.

We can no longer be prisoners of our past.

Many are exhausted & cant keep enduring & that’s exactly what this energy is bringing to a head, your pain & suffering.

Your stubbornness or resistance to change & evolve.

Your self sabotage has the spotlight well & truly shining upon it & its not a comfortable place to sit.

Stirring, poking & prodding your frustrations where you don’t feel loved, respected, supported, nurtured.

Pain & suffering comes from indecision or not receiving, acting, being or living your truth.

One thing is for sure, once you come out of this storm, you will not be the same person that entered the storm.

You will be stronger, braver, grounded, focused, have clarity, purpose.

Many will find themselves in a place of great change, which many fear.

You may be challenged to face your greatest fear, pain & suffering to finally see how much it shakes you to the core.

You may be ready to let it all go, to finally be free, to be your authentic self.

With 5 planets in retrograde we have a lot of self reflection & revisiting to finally Master.

The Universe has flexed its muscles, big energy abounds, but it’s here to help you sort the big stuff to finally be ready to be the Master of your destiny, not a prisoner to your past.

The upcoming eclipses will continue to show you if you are compromising or moving forward.

The Lions Gate is demanding you arrive there as the most authentic self, where you will receive great soul blessings & empowerment.

It’s all up to you dear ones,

Hold on tight to that love & light within.

Search & find your truth.

Own your authentic self & its needs.

It’s no time to settle for scraps.

Establish strong roots & foundations now.

New beginnings are being prepared so let it go, let it go, let it go.

For the more you resist, the harsher & brutal this storm will feel like a tsunami or earth quake in your world.

Go with the flow, release, change, let go, evolve, then it will be the white wash at your new blessed shore.

Then you will be realising your path is there for you & now your foundations are rock solid.

Shine brightly dear ones, be a beacon of light & hover in the eye of the storm.

Build the world you want to live in, not continually need to escape from.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright Jenny Boffa – Energising Souls


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