Awakening the Divine Feminine & Masculine

Awakening the Divine Feminine & Masculine

So many relationships have been under the microscope as Women have steadily been awakening & evolving into their aspect of the Divine Feminine.

Women collectively have grown stronger, done deep soul healing & are stepping forward out of the shadows & oppression.

Times are changing.

Women standing arm in arm together, a Sisterhood, where we have helped each other overcome our pain, fears & adversities with unity, compassion, love, integrity.

Women have been finding our voices & truths,

Knowing our worth.

Knowing we are the nurturers,

Knowing we deserve to be loved, cherished, honoured & protected.

We have done deep soul healing.

Women are remembering we hold the holy grail within & are creators of life.

Women are remembering that their bodies are temples to be given freely & lovingly if we wish & choose to.

Women are remembering that you cannot change someone just because you love them.

That despite your best efforts sometimes it doesn’t work.

Within a partnership we grow, evolve & change because they love you & want to be with you, moving mountains if needed.

But do they do the same for you?

Is your relationship mutually beneficial?

Relationships must be equal partnerships now.

They are either evolving into something really special, open hearts, truth speakers, after you have both dug deep to clear any old outdated patterns & triggers.

You see, feel & connect with each other.

Or they are being severely tested or self combusting.

Many are seeing where the connection has gone, the love lost, or the story of your journey together has reached its completion.

Women want their man to open up, connect & surrender to the depths of her divine love & nurturing.

Men, us Women admire your strength to endure, but now want to nurture your ability to be loving & tender.

Women know Men have been told forever to toughen up, stiff upper lips, men don’t cry or show weakness, men run from expressing or showing feelings, seen cruelty of battles, made great sacrifices.

You have only seen this modelled by your fathers, so this isn’t something you know, you have to learn & be shown how & it’s ok to take off your armour.

Women want to have real conversations about life, feelings, sharing each other’s most intimate places, feelings, suffering, journey together.

But the old saying, you can take a horse to water, but can’t make it drink, but horses say you can take a Man to Wisdom, but can’t make him think.

Sometimes despite your best efforts, it’s just not meant to be.

It takes both to make a partnership.

If your relationship doesn’t have 2 working equally you stop relating & your ship sinks.

But she won’t wait forever,

For she now knows her worth as she embraces & empowers her Divine Feminine.

She is now strong enough & will go it alone rather than diminish herself anymore.

She is now searching for the Sacred Masculine.

She now accepts nothing less than a Divine Union.

To be loved to her depths of her body, mind & soul.

A Woman can’t change a Man because she loves him.

A Man changes because he loves you.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright Jenny Boffa – Energising Souls


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