Mental Health

Mental Health


This is absolute truth & prompted me to write about this.

Most can reach out before we get to those pits of despair or point of no return.

We all can & do have or experience situational depression or anxiety.

This doesn’t mean you have a mental health issue, it just means life has gotten to hard & you need support & help to ride the current storm you have found yourself in.

But that’s life then life returns to normal.

But for those who go to the darkest pits of hell & suffer with Mental Health issues, often they can’t or won’t reach out.

Many don’t have help, support networks, their medications needed to stabilise.

They have a chemical imbalance or short circuit within their brains.

They don’t get the warning signs.

Their moods have extremes with little balance or reprieve.

They have probably pushed away the ones that love them.

They are often self destructive & self loathing.

They have lost all hope.

They can often feel everyone will be better off without them & the trouble they constantly feel they cause.

They may feel like a looser, failure or disappointment.

They often don’t have the ability, or means, to see change or any light at the end of the tunnel.

They are stuck in their pain & suffering.

They can often have a distorted perspective, paranoia, or have their reality impacting after trying to escape through abusing & numbing themselves with drugs or alcohol.

Overwhelmed by a cruel world.

Frightened & anxious of change or what’s next.

This is the harsh & cruel reality of one who suffers.

They need our help, compassion & support, not judgements, rejection & isolation.

Why is Mental Health a scourge or taboo subject or illness?

Do you walk away from someone with Cancer or MND – no we all rally to help as we should.

So why is Mental Health different than any other disease within us?

Have you ever seen their pain & suffering first hand?

Have you ever had to support a loved one who wants to end it all?

Have you ever seen someone loose their grip on reality or will/fight to live?

Have you seen high profile people, appearing to have the world at their feet, still circum to suicide?

I hope you never experience this.

But it’s a reality in many families that’s filled with shame & unspoken realities & living through nightmares daily.

So if someone has changed, has fallen off the face of earth, is acting out, or not making sense.

Have they stopped connecting or trying without explanation?

Is there odd or alarming behaviours?

Or is there an eerie silence?

Is every instinct telling you somethings not right?

Maybe consider that they may need you or someone to be there for them.

For once in their life, they maybe shattered, broken, lost & feeling all alone.

You reach out.

Can you help?

And if you are in over your head, when love just isn’t enough, if you can’t help yourself or a loved one anymore, please seek professional help.

There is help available 24/7 like Lifeline or Hospitals.

Please call someone.

Please reach out & ask are you ok?

Do you need a friend?

I’ve got you.

You aren’t all alone.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright Jenny Boffa – Energising Souls


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