Time to rise & shine

Time to rise & shine.

The University of Life has certainly pushed, splattered, shattered & reshaped all of us this year.

2018/11 The Universal year of self mastery.

I don’t know one person who hasn’t been through a mighty transformation.

People, environments, communities, humanity have & are changing.

But change & transformation is a process & takes time.

Many hold on to the familiar just because it’s known.

Just because it’s better to have someone or something, than no one or nothing.

But does it still serve your highest good?

Holding on or resistance often makes the path & journey so much harder & brutal, as you are not only resisting change, but working against the energy or life lessons.

I know & have learnt that every time you miss your lesson, or opportunity for growth, the next or subsequent times on the merry go round isn’t a fun ride.

You have to go through the emotional roller coaster, the pain & suffering, the grief, loss, shame, anger etc.

You have to find, learn, hear & understand truths.

You may stumble, wobble, crack wide open, fall or explode/implode.

You may fall to your knees pleading I can’t go on or help me.

You need to reach out for that trusted friend, family or loved one to help or talk to.

But remember it’s through that very process, that mighty crack in your chest, short circuit of your mind, or shattering, that’s the place the light gets in.

That’s how change happens, because you are finally sick & tired of feeling that way, you reached your limit, forced to change, grow learn & evolve.

But that spark of love & light, hold onto it with all your might, for dear life.

I know how hard it is when you are all alone, or overwhelmed with sadness or grief, or you just feel like life is too hard.

Sometimes you can feel helpless or in a hopeless situation.

It’s natural to feel anxious, frightened or overwhelmed, because we fear the unknown.

Sometimes if we only look back depression tries to take hold, as we grieve for our lost hopes, dreams, innocence, period of time, or life as we thought it would be, and of course our loved ones.

But there’s always a way.

There’s always a choice.

There’s always light.

Find a reason to fight.

Find your strength & courage to battle through another day.

Find a reason to love yourself whole.

Find your truth & beliefs.

Find what you are really made of.

Find the message or lesson that lays within the wound or journey.

Find the strength & self love to change.

Find that mighty essence inside, your I Am essence.

You were designed to survive & thrive.

You become your own hero.

You get to write the next chapter in your book of life.


If you fall down & loose your spark,

Rise up as the whole damn flame.

Transformation time.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings,

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright Jenny Boffa- Energising Souls


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