Energy Update 12/6/2018

Energy Update


Grandmother Moon is now in her dark moon phase, a time of introspection & deep reflections, so are we.

Cycles within cycles.

We had powerhouse planets playing in the sky, but some planets are the teachers at the school of hard knocks. They have had enough like we have & aren’t playing so nice, or don’t want to play anymore.

Some have found themselves in despair, overwhelmed, shattered & broken.

Gripped by & some falling into their depths of pain, suffering & darkness.

Sadly 2 high profile celebrities suicided showing that all that glitters isn’t gold, many illusions shattering, the masks have fallen.

Sadly many just can’t keep going under Pluto’s influence.

So what did you get clarity on last week?

What got reinforced for you?

What truth can you no longer deny?

Is it time for change?

Did the bottom unexpectedly fall out of something or plans?

Did you shatter & crumble?

Was there endings & eruptions?

Did you have to do some heavy duty truth digesting?

Did you decide there must be change?

Did you do some prewinter pruning of the dead wood & weeds from your garden of life?

Congratulations you have been doing your soul work.

Prepare yourself, your world, your belief systems, your life for the integration of all your hard work.

New beginnings await.

Our New Moon here in Adelaide, comes in early Thursday morning, with the first of a super moon trilogy, when the Moon is closest to Earth to influence, yes add the power of 3, taking us through the Lions Gate.

So now you maybe seeing the significance of the next few months.

We are about to reap what we have sown.

It’s nearly time for those hopes, dreams, changes & choices to take deep roots or start to take off & fly.

Can you feel it, the sweet stirring of life, hope, freedom, liberation, free will, discovering self, truth, clarity, direction & purpose?

But for now, until Thursday, continue to tend to your needs, integrate & digest truths.

Be aware of influences in your world, pull up toxic weeds, endings & new beginnings are imminent.

Environments or relationships will combust or disintegrate if they no longer have purpose, growth or are for your highest good.

Prepare & make sure the space or soil for the sacred seeds of your tomorrow’s growth is fertile & abundant not stagnant & toxic.

Your mighty Tree of Life is being stripped bare to endure the cold & storms of life, in preparation for the Spring growth & new life.

The choice is yours.

But whatever your choices, they will be tough to make sure you finally know what you want, deserve, tolerate & create.

If you have worked this out, then start dreaming big dear ones, it’s our time to fly & shine brighter than ever before, as we step into purpose.

Just remember in the Winter,

Far beneath the bitter snow,

Lies the seed,

That with the Suns love,

In the Spring,

Becomes the Rose 🌹

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright Jenny Boffa – Energising Souls


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