Many are sitting in this place at the moment, the foot of the bridge that will take you on a new path, new journey, new relationship, new career, new beginning.

But first you have to go through the messy shedding or transition phase.

I explain this to people like the transit lounge at the airport. You have left home, the familiar, the normal, to a place of the Unknown.

The transit lounge is the midpoint of the journey, you are not the old nor the new.

You haven’t reached your final destination, the dream, the new vibration & that’s the spot where the fear steps in, for we only fear the unknown or what we don’t understand.

So if you find yourself unsure of what bridges to cross & what bridges to burn, ask yourself.

What or why do I need to let go of…..?

What career do I want?

Why do I have this emptiness inside of me?

Why do I need an outside force/person to empower or complete me?

Am I happy in this relationship?

What is my truth?

Am I following my heart & soul?

Am I honouring my path, my journey?

Am I staying because of guilt, a promise, sense of duty, responsibility?

Does this situation/career/relationship diminish me or empower me?

Personally when I find myself pondering I get out of my head, for the ego/mind is filled with monkey chatter.

I drop into my sacred heart space & I visualise myself in scenario a or b. I feel my heart & souls reactions.

If I feel light, free, happy, positive that’s my choice, because it’s my intuition, my heart, my soul guiding me. I trust it totally & it guides me always.

If I feel heavy chested, drained, empty, negative, I tend not to make that choice, but I do sit with that emotion to ensure its not fear based or self sabotage.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings



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