Full Moon 29/5/2018

Full Moon Blessings

Energy Update


Tonight at 11.49pm (Adel) Grandmother Moon illuminates & transforms the energy with the Fire of Sagittarius & Sun in Gemini (air), duality.

So to simplify, numerology says

29th day 2+9/11 master day,

5 month number of change

2018/11 universal year self mastery

2+9+5+11 =27/9 day of endings & self mastery

So you know your lessons & seen your truths.

You have sat deep within your soul for a while now, or if not, you have had one mighty struggle.

We have all been expanding & growing into our I Am self or true soul essence & purpose.

It has been a massive universal shift in consciousness & awakening.

You are probably feeling like you are ready to explode, or pressure is building, a restlessness, a sense of urgency.

It’s been hard work & many have had enough, but that’s exactly when the fire kicks in to stir or create fight, courage, passion, self belief, self worth.

You may have that prickling feeling under your skin when all your instincts are heightened knowing that something’s happening or about to.

That’s Grandmother Moons influence, she’s shined the spotlight on your inner self, your inner light, your inner flame.

You can no longer run & hide from the truth or how you feel.

Many have purged, now the transformation as the Phoenix rises from the ashes & worlds have changed & transformed.

We break through barriers & resistance.

We ignite fire in our belly from passion & self belief.

We find the courage to step through our fears, our limiting beliefs or where we played small.

We can no longer live in duality or sacrifice.

It is either truth or resonates well, or it’s not.

Masks have either been taken off as a form of liberation now you have given yourself permission just to be you, or life has made them fall off.

Saggy Fire energy is about freedom & liberation, it doesn’t like to be contained or disrespected. Do that at your own peril.

For those who have been doing their soul work you may be starting to see clarity, synchronicity, getting confirmations, paths opening & a feeling that you can finally start to forge ahead.

By tomorrow you will have that clarity to rise above it all, to take aim and be bang on target, hitting the bullseye, knowing that you now have your destiny in your hands & sight.

But for now, release, let go, use the fire & air to create the movement or forward shift of energy you need.

You may feel lots pressure on your head, back of eyes, weight on shoulders & chest, aching bones, like you are about to explode or you are holding on for dear life.

It’s time to let go & release, or the universe will push, cranking the fire up & helping you along the way.

Watch for anger, jealousy, frustration, irritability, restlessness, intolerance, rage, control or manipulation.

This is destructive fire energy, if you feel that way go & exert some physical energy, big walk, gym, garden, get out in nature, whatever helps you release the pressure valve.

Be aware if you feel like this I highly recommend you have your own time out, or space because you may cause mass destruction that cannot be fixed.

Remember fire energy must be respected, can quickly become unbalanced. It can be destructive or constructive.

You are being challenged to self master the energy of your fire.

The elements are rattling us all.

Mother Earth is releasing & purging & so are we, are you a volcano like her at the moment?

Life always offers you a second chance,

Its called tomorrow.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Are you brave enough to grasp the future of your dreams?

Do you have the strength & courage to forge forward?

By tomorrow, you just may have your second chance.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) Jenny Boffa Energising Souls

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