Energy Update 30/5/2018

Full Moon Blessings

Energy Update


Ohhhhhhhhh ………….

As we all let out a huge collective sigh & feel we can finally breathe again.

How did you cope with the buildup, triggers & pressure cooker over the last few days?

I can feel the enormous pressure that was building in my solar plexus yesterday, that felt like it was literally expanding & pushing its way into my heart or chest cavity has settled this morning.

My head had so much pressure as I released the massive intensity of the last months cycle.

Did you need space?

Did things erupt?

Did you explode or implode?

What got triggered for you to release?

How did you feel?

You may now start to see clearly.

You may now feel more settled.

You may now know what steps to take forward.

You may now have found the strength & self belief that you can do this.

You may feel obstacles have crumbled or been burnt away from you.

You may now be sensing a deep connection to self, to your very essence.

Today we start to walk out of these energies.

But we aren’t the same person we were or who entered the energy.

We have been transformed & empowered.

We have been gifted our reconnection to self, purpose, soul & I Am essence.

A resurrection or rebirth on a soul level.

We have been shown a new way to be.

We have grown stronger & wiser.

We are energetically ready to be the Saggy Archer, taking aim at our future, one where we finally realise, or you may even believe we deserve & have earnt.

With his mighty bow & arrow in hand, his gaze & instincts are sharp, landing your arrow bang on target, bullseye!

You may be inspired to take a new path.

Start a new relationship.

Make a career change.

Take that leap of faith.

Drawn to finally do some study or personal development.

You may have an overwhelming craving or need for freedom or liberation.

Now you have reconnected to the strength & self belief to make it happen.

You are the Creator & Master of your destiny.

You just might be starting to believe this.

Release, release, release,

Transform & transmute.

Empowerment & Enlightenment await.

Release, cleanse, let go, all that no longer serves or diminished you,

And watch what manifests into your world.

Time to rise & shine dear ones,

Freedom awaits the brave.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) Jenny Boffa – Energising Souls


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