Born to shine

Born to shine.

Your soul was born to shine.

Your vibration was pure when you were born, but you came through the veils of amnesia.

You formed a soul contract & picked the parents you got, the family, the soul pod, that would teach you & deliver your triggers & support for this journey.

You agreed to be born into Earth to learn this.

And only the strongest of souls volunteered & have been given this mission.

It’s the whole reason we have the most prized incarnation of all, for soul evolution, our Earth walk.

It’s designed for us to get knocked down, splattered, shedding & evolving.

We have to experience the polarity, or polar opposite of our consciousness & essence.

We have to experience the 3rd dimensional oppression & shadow journey because that’s exactly why we come here.

We are furtherest away from Source, Creation, our life force energy, that’s why we often feel a disconnection or something is missing, even tortured, but can’t put our finger on what it is or why we feel this way.

Many never feel like they belong or fit in here & yearn to go home.

Many feel misunderstood or all alone.

That’s why it’s so painful, stressful, overwhelming.

We struggle because we are the furtherest from our power source, our essence, our soul connection, our soul tribes.

All pain & suffering comes from being detached from your heart centre & truth of who you are & why you are here.

What did you come to learn about you?

What truth has the University of Life continually dished up for you?

Abandonment, trust, betrayal, jealousy, oppression, commitment etc.

There’s your insight into your purpose, your Souls contract.

It’s designed for you to overcome, to endure, to struggle, to fight & protect, to retrieve, to search for, to honour, to discover & become this very essence.

To strip away all that diminishes or dulls your love & light.

Your I Am essence.

Life dims this light.

That’s what the journey of self mastery is all about.

Mastering your journey, lessons & soul contracts.

To reignite, empower, ignite, illuminate this very essence.

Your love & light.

And you already have all the tools & gifts inside to help you on this journey.

Shine brightly dear ones,

You are doing your mighty soul work,

You were born to shine.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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