Thoughts & problems

Thoughts & problems

Is the problem that you are facing overwhelming? insurmountable?

Or is there a way to break it down?

Are you feeding the problem with negative or destructive patterns?

Are you resisting change?

Is there another choice to be made?

Is there a different way to approach the situation?

Is it really a problem?

Is it really my problem or another’s learning or journey?

How will all the worry or fear help or hinder this situation?

Are you sabotaging your happiness?

Does this situation empower or diminish me?

How is your approach working for you?

If you change your attitude, your engagement, your choices, your actions, your beliefs, your stance, your point of view……………….how could everything change?

The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude towards the problem………….

Remember you have the divine gift of free will, choose what you feed, what you do, what your actions & reactions are, for that is the energy you are adding or subtracting to your world.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny 💜🙏

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