It is essential for your health & well being to regularly connect or ground yourself.

When we move away from nature & this sacred connection we harden our hearts & loose our connection to the Divine Mother & all that nurtures us in the physical incarnation.

If you are feeling off, too much in your head, overwhelmed by emotions, feeling lost or disconnected to yourself or your purpose.

Get out in nature.

Earth energy craves & feeds our primal survival instinct, to be safe, nurtured, seen, heard, protected.

Go to the beach, park, sit in a garden, go for a walk, put your hands in the dirt, kick your shoes off & absorb the amazing energy Pachamama gives all her beloved children.

You will feel a release.

You will feel a deep peace come in through your feet & breathing in the fresh air.

You will feel a sense of reconnecting or belonging.

Visualise roots coming down from your feet connecting you to the earth.

Allow a flow of energy between you & Mother Earth.

Try it, it’s simple, it is free & costs you nothing but time to love & nurture you.

Are you worth it?

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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