You gave me a mountain this time……..

You gave me a mountain this time.

It is said that Creator will never give you more than you can handle.

Yet sometimes we most definitely have had a few stern conversations & debates.

Resulting with me reading the riot act like a petulant child & receiving that look from a parent, you know the one who always knows what’s best for you, even though you can see in their eyes that their heart is breaking having to watch you endure or learn.

So then I start to rebalance & release the humanness of the situation.

The raw physical charge, the pain & suffering, for this is only the trigger, or access point to me.

I search, seek & look for the Souls lesson, healing or perspective.

And every time, without fail, there is a far deeper, insightful, enlightening reason for the whole scenario.

It has a very different outcome, charge, lesson, journey & wisdom.

Life isn’t designed to punish you it’s designed to empower you.

That’s what this earth walk is all about.

Recently on 1 day, yes within 12 hours, I had 6 people that I care deeply about, spiral out of control, all shattering to the depths of despair & top end life issues.

Now for someone like me, a light bearer, I am of service, to hold love & light for many to support, reflect & recharge from, but this time you gave me a mountain.

I knew & feel their pain & suffering.

I knew it was their lessons.

I knew I could only support, but not save them.

I knew & could see that there were mighty soul contracts & soul lessons unravelling.

I also knew that place of darkness, isolation, emptiness they were sitting in, where you challenge & battle your faith, belief systems & truths.

I know the disappointments & bitter truths you have to swollow when you finally see & accept people for who they are.

When life feels harsh or unfair & it just seems to be relentlessly dumping crap on you from great heights.

When you question & wonder if this is your karma for slaughtering a colony of Leprechauns in a past life.

When despite your best efforts you just can’t win or take a break.

I know how it feels to have everything & everyone you once loved & thought you needed, stripped one by one from you.

I know how it feels to be raw, alone & vulnerable.

I know abandonment.

I know betrayal.

I know grief & loss.

I know what it takes to stand & walk tall.

I’ve fallen to my knees in despair to plead my case, but never for me.

I’ve bargained & offered to trade in my hard earnt gold stars for another.

I understand the Souls journey as well as anyone & what it demands, takes & gives.

I know & understand the splattering, shedding & awakening process.

There is not a human alive that hasn’t been sitting in this place.

There is not a human alive that hasn’t stuffed up, wobbled or crashed into trouble.

Universally we are having a massive purge, cleanse & awakening.

A mighty ascension process.

We are all honoring mighty soul contracts & lessons.

We are all in this together.

We hold strong when we can.

We reach out when we need to.

We nurture self when needed.

We are assigned this mountain to show others that it can be moved.

And yes, I can, have & will continue to move mountains.

I know I have everything within me to not only survive but thrive.

That’s why I write & share these stories.

So you know you aren’t alone.

So you know somebody understands.

So do you……..

Is it time to move or climb that mountain?

Something to ponder

Love, light & ponder

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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