Energy Update 22/5/2018

Energy Update


Wow what an amazing shift in the energy as we moved from Taurus heavy Earth to Gemini, with a breathe of fresh air & a feeling I can breathe again.

I had the most incredible insights & clarity coming through channel all day in clinic yesterday & as I shared with my clients, they all said, Jenny you have to write about that insight.

So here goes.

Apart from the immediate numerology I instantly saw a unique pattern.

We had all the master numbers 22 day, 11 universal year, day & year 33 all wrapped up with 5 the number of change & transformation.

The universe had my attention!

Then I was shown Pachamuma how she is purging in Hawaii, I saw pictures as clear as day of Pele, the volcano goddess. I was shown how all the ugliness was in the lava, literally the underworld that had been scratching & clawing at many were now being purged then entombed in Black Obsidian by our great mother. She had enough & nothing cleanse house like a mother who has had enough.

She’s unleashing.

This is exactly what we have been doing purging & oozing from our foundations the pain & suffering that had been scratching & clawing at our souls, diminishing & controlling us, now banished & defeated by the Black Obsidian, dragon glass, the stone to absorb & defeat negativity.

Then I was shown how love has conquered all.

Blind Freddy can see the undeniable true love of Harry & Meghan.

Just think about it, 2 billion people world wide were feeling the love, believing that love does trump diversity.

Seeing 20 years ago that poor little boy had his world shattered loosing his precious mum & the world knew grief.

Today the world knows love.

To see that wound was healed by the power of love, seeing his heart overjoyed with love, really was the ultimate truth & lesson for us all.

Both have come from great pain, suffering & adversity & shown us all that love is the greatest power of change.

Who would’ve thought that the royals would have a divorced, black, American actress as their princess, with her black yoga teaching nose pierced mum by her side, but she did.

And what an amazing women Meghan is in her own right. Her mum was a single mum & her amazing role model.

The divine masculine has received great insight & shifts, much has been leveled & balanced.

The divine feminine has awoken.

The divine masculine & feminine have reached the critical point of evolution, of emergence, of unity, of consciousness.

As we walk through duality we come to unity.

We balance & ground the polarity.

2 become one.

22/5/2018 was a very special day.

Universally we have all ascended.

I got woken at 5.55 coming back into my body with a thump but ringing in my ears was Jenny, go write what you have seen.

Shine brightly dear ones,

The path has opened,

The doorway to love & light is open for humanity.

There is love,

There is light.

There is hope.

There is a new way of being.

Radiate your love & light like the sun.

Then watch your world evolve.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright Energising Souls

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