Slaying Inner Monsters

Slaying Inner Monsters

Have you been fighting the battle of your life?

Has your pain & suffering threatened to devour & consume you?

Does your fear bind you?

Until we meet the darkness within we will continue to slay them in the outer world.

Everyone & everything will appear as your enemy.

Everything will be a battle or challenge.

You will self sabotage.

You will push everyone who loves you away from you because you don’t feel worthy or don’t know what to do with genuine friendship, kindness & support.

But the real demon is inside where your unhealed pain & suffering resides.

It all comes from disconnecting or darkness in your heart.

Love didn’t hurt you, someone who doesn’t know or understand love hurt you.

Life wasn’t trying to punish you, it’s responding to your heart & souls vibration, delivering exactly what you think, feel & see.

What moment in time changed you?

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be happy?

When did you detach?

When did you start to feel all alone?

When did life break you?

What unspeakable shame have you taken on within?

What blame are you holding?

What has cast a mighty shadow over your light?

What or whom changed or stole your love?

When did you build that fortress around your heart?

When did you stop or loose your trust in people & life?

That’s the place we need to start doing our work on.

You have to go to the emotional charge to heal & release it.

The very thing you are running & hiding from.

But until you do this, it will stain, ooze, permeate, interfere, compromise & challenge you & all you do.

You need to face & defeat your inner demon, and the only way is with love & light.

Transform the darkness into the light.

Transform the pain & suffering by loving yourself whole again.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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