Energy Update 3/5/2018

Energy Update


The energy & fall out from the Scorpio Full Moon is still unrelenting as today we walk out of the energies & ground it into the new physical reality that has appeared.

With the elements arriving with full force, like a charge of the light brigade, unleashing rain, winds & storms here in Adelaide to clear the heaviness of the energy.

It’s been oppressive, smothering, consuming.

Many hitting the wall or feeling like they have been run over & reversed back over by a Mac Truck, just to be sure you got the message & insight needed.

Many are broken, overwhelmed, not sleeping.

Nerves frayed or frazzled.

Many feel their heads are about to explode.

Some have had mighty falls from grace as big truths have been seen & exposed.

Many are saying to me I just can’t take any more.

Some have self combusted with out of control behaviours or irrational emotions.

I don’t know anybody who hasn’t had their deepest darkest pain or triggers thrown right in your face to deal with.

The University of Life has flexed its muscles & shone the light on your deepest pain & fears, stating you can’t go around them, hide them, or run from them anymore, the only way is straight through them.

It’s time for self mastery.

It’s time to take control, get real & be the Master of your destiny not a prisoner to pain & suffering.

Many are sittting at the crossroads, wondering which way shall I go?

Many relationships have been severely challenged, to dig deep to your deepest vulnerability & speak your truth.

Many have finally drawn that line in the sand.

Masks have fallen.

The mighty have fallen on their swords.

Worlds have changed.

If you get tired, rest.

Rest to regain your strength.

Rest to gain your perspectives & clarity.

Rest as you ride out the storms.

BUT don’t you ever quit.

Don’t you give up.

All day I’ve heard Bowie singing the words from Under Pressure.

It’s the terror of knowing what this world is about,

Watching some good friend scream let me out,

But tomorrow, take me higher……..

Turn away from it all at the blind man,

Sit on the fence, but it don’t work,

Keep coming up with love that’s so slashed & torn,

Why, why?????

Love, love, love, love, love, love,

Under pressure we are breaking,

Can’t we give ourself one more chance?

Why can’t we get along without one more chance?

Love such an old fashion way,

And love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the light,

And love dares you to change your way of caring about ourselves,

This is our last dance,

This is our last chance,

This is ourselves,

Under Pressure……….

Before you act or react, think long & hard at the moment.

Worlds will crumble.

Relationships will struggle.

I know you are under pressure,

We all are,

We are all in this mighty awakening together.

All the old shit & ugliness has to go, to create the space for the new.

It’s not good, bad or ugly it just is a process and we have to experience extremes to bring about balance.

Don’t get hung up on judgements, if it diminishes you, or no longer serves your highest good, let it go, or exert your free will.

The truth is there for you to see & digest, then it will set you free.

Death/endings transformation to birth/rebirth.

But now more than ever,

Hold onto your light, even if it’s barely a flicker hold onto it with all your might.

Hold on to your truth.

Hold on to your moral compass.

Hold on & protect your I Am essence.

It’s time to release all that diminishes you & that’s a brutal process.

I know you are tired,

Rest if you must,

But don’t you ever give up!

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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