Peace be with you

Peace be with you ………..

Have you stopped & thought how much pain, sadness, hurt, frustration, agony, annoyance & feelings we take on from others?

Do you worry for others?

Have their actions or lack of action caused turmoil & pain in your world?

Has a person got in under your skin, and you find yourself constantly worrying or wondering how they are?

Have you been supporting many & find yourself burdened by too heavy a load?

Do you feel used, neglected, taken for granted because your kindness is taken for granted.

Do you feel like the relationships are one sided or your love & support never seems to be reciprocated?

Some people aren’t happy unless they are complaining about life & all their problems.

Some people thrive on gossip.

Some love to sit in judgement.

Some live their life vicariously through another’s.

Some people take on hurt, pain & trauma thinking that this is how we show our love & support.

Some people are energy vampires sucking you dry.

Some feel it’s their responsibility or need to always help & support others.

Some enable & accept diabolical behaviours in the need to just hold on.

Some allow poor behaviour out of fear or manipulation.

Sometimes we enable, just by supporting & always being there.

They have to learn for themselves, fall or walk their own path.

Are you always waiting for the shit to hit the fan & it’s you that always has to fix it?

It feels so good not to have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Have you heard the saying

“Not my monkeys, not my circus”

It creates such a sense of deep inner peace to get rid of the excess. Life is hard enough without us taking on the weight of the world too & many others within it.

Inner peace comes the moment you choose to not allow, another person or event, to control your emotions.

It’s a skill.

It takes work & diligence.

You will have to cut some away.

Changes are scary but necessary.

Put up some healthy boundaries.

Some relationships may not evolve & self combust when you change the rules of engagement.

Protect your energy, space & time.

Learn to say no.

But mean it & follow through, not just give lip service, threats or blow off steam.

Stand strong in your belief & conviction.

Then & only then can you have inner peace.

Remember we teach people how to treat us.

Peace is within you……..

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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