Fall 7 times……stand up 8

Energy Update

Fall 7 times………stand up 8.

Wow so how are you travelling?

The energy has thrown us all into the powerful transformational waters that this Scorpio Moon is bringing to the surface.

We will have our Moon in Scorpio (water) and our Sun in Taurus (earth) and what is our beautiful planet made of?

To have or birth your beautiful earth you must have the water or oceans in harmony or balance.

Well it’s the same for you.

We have all been through the wringer this last month, battling & unearthing the deepest, most vulnerable aspects that were dormant or stagnant deep within.

What has been your life shattering message, truth, reality or bomb that went off in your world?

Have you been demanded to get real, to speak & own your truth?

Have your actions been rewarded & are flourishing?

Or did your actions come with a reaction delivering a mighty sting to paralyse or snap you into action or rethink?

Have you felt that clarity is coming in now?

Has great truth been spoken or shown?

Have you been isolated, detached & working through deep pain & suffering?

Have you made some major life changing decisions?

Have you been transforming & transmuting big energy?

Have you been either a rung out rag, emotional mess or raging bull?

Well as the spotlight grows, Grandmother Moon is currently in Libra & is 94% illuminated.

She’s graciously bestowing her wisdom, restoring the mighty scales of balance, truth & justice, from the carnage she unleashed at last full moon.

Just like the oceans she rules, they ebb & flow, have low & high tides, so do you.

While Sun Taurus & Moon Libra are both enjoying the beauty of their ruler Venus, so now we get to restore some beauty into our worlds.

In Adelaide Full Moon is 30 April 10.28am.

So we have well & truly walked into these full moon energies, remember the 3 days either side are the most potent, we are in the build up to release stage walking in through the physical, emotional, spiritual aspects preceding Full Moon day then we walk out or release.

So here’s the good news, we are all able to come up for air & get ready for a sacred celebration.

The veils between the worlds are at their thinnest as we prepare for the most powerful full moon of the year.

It’s Wesak, where those on the spiritual path are blessed with the opportunity to connect to the Ancients, Ascended Masters.

We celebrate Buddha Birthday, great invocations are done as they all descended into the Sacred Valley in the Himalayas, empowering earth & its inhabitants with super infused spiritual love, light, blessings & empowerment.

It’s the time when our new guides step forward for the next stage of our journey.

The Angels sing and chant lifting the vibration & consciousness.

An Ascended Master may step forward to walk with you in response to your new awakened & empowered vibration.

It’s a time when the Ancestors draw near to assure you that you are not alone, that the love of thousands is behind you.

We can connect easily with our dearly departed loved ones as the veils of separation do not hinder.

It is a sacred time of great spiritual cleansing & renewal.

Death/endings & life/rebirth.

So I know it’s been really hard.

The heirachy know you have been pushed to your limits & way beyond.

This is a time of great respect & honor.

This is the Blessings, the time to open your hearts to the spiritual journey, for there are blessings, awakenings & sacred connections beyond your wildest dreams on offer.

But are you worthy to step up?

Are you on your journey of self mastery?

Are you ready to be the Master of your Destiny?

Are you ready to be of service?

Have you found your purpose?

The Masters are waiting for you …………

You may have been knocked down 7 times,

But get up 8.

Get up every time, no matter how long you may need to rest, then rest, but rise again bigger, braver, wiser & stronger.

It will be well & truly worth your efforts,

Shine brightly dear ones,

The hierarchy are bestowing the blessings this weekend.

I’m looking forward to my Circle of Empowerment today with the tribe, today will be a mighty circle & celebrations.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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