Energy Update 29/4/2018

Energy Update

Upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio.

Blessings as the energy builds for the Scorpio Full Moon, tomorrow, 10.28am (Adel).

Can you feel it…………

That precarious space where it’s the calm before the storm, or do you feel like you have the executioners noose around your neck?

Are the hairs bristling on your arms?

Have your dreams been stirring deep emotions?

Have you been hit by the emotional freight train?

Has your intuition or gut instincts been spot on?

Have you had extreme emotions?

Have you had many around you going through turmoil?

Have you had to face your deepest pain or fear?

Have masks fallen off?

Have you finally seen the truth?

Have you had to swallow your pride or a pill of bitter truth?

Have you taken a leap of faith?

Has your soul been battling the shadows?

Have relationships combusted?

This is the transformational energy of the mighty Scorpion and Grandmother Moon is shining her spotlight & wisdom well & truly upon it.

She says enough child……

Nothing will remain in the shadows!

The Scorpions sting or wrath is paralysing, soul destroying & can literally make you feel you are dying a slow painful death from the inside out.

Much ugliness will ooze to the surface.

Or situations or discussions will escalate, spiralling quickly into destruction, from out of control emotions, poor judgements or poor choices.

Some will slide into the black abyss to battle the demons within.

Many are at the crossroads.

Which way shall I go?

Do I need more harsh lessons or can I free myself with my truth?

Has the Scorpion sting diminished you or empowered you?

Is there a mighty battle between the light & dark happening within?

But the light is there for you to be the hero of this story.

You are the King or Queen of your battle.

It’s all within you.

It all comes from detachment from source, from your I Am essence, from your love & light.

That’s what pain & suffering do, take you to that very wound or place you broke, suffered, shattered, protect, self abuse or have abandoned.

Hurt people hurt people, then they become the Scorpion, battling the world & protecting their pain with poison.

They don’t know Love, and their light is missing, dull or forgotten.

Judgement labels things bad, or sad or ugly but we need to experience both polarities to transform, to evolve, to become enlightened & empowered.

You have to learn to love & embrace the shadow self, to be transformed into a divine & sovereign being.

You have to love the so called good, bad & ugly within.

Or it just simply you that needs to accept & embrace you, just the way you are.

You can be guaranteed you are facing the very soul lesson or trigger that you came here to discover.

The Universe is gifting you transformation.

This may mean death/endings and they may become very brutal now, but they will bring about the very change you choose.

Much Karma is releasing & sorting pain, triggers & patterns from many lifetimes.

New beginnings/rebirth is the promise.

But first the abyss awaits for you to retrieve & save your sacred divine self.

You may be blown away by what essence you discover.

Tonight light a candle to be symbolic of the the beacon of light, then call in the Ancients, Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides & the dearly departed, for the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest.

Your prayers have a direct line connection open, help has arrived, but first you have to believe & connect with an open heart, or prayer of truth.

You may be on your knees, or you may raise your arms to the heavens, it makes no difference, but tonight, you can feel whatever you want & let your emotions go.

What’s in your heart & soul.

The release is happening, go with the flow or mountains will erupt, lives will change, lines will be crossed, and pathways will be forged.

The truth shall set you free……

I will write more tomorrow……..

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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