A kind & generous heart

A kind & generous heart.

I believe having a kind & generous heart is such a beautiful gift & blessing.

You know nothing but love, light, kindness, understanding, compassion & empathy.

You live your life just being this.

You get to share this freely with all that cross your path.

People are drawn to you like a moth to a neon light, for you hold the energy of the Divine Mother.

People pour their hearts & souls out to you, just sensing the understanding & help is there waiting for them.

I give so much to so many, to be of service with a kind & generous heart is the highest calling, to spread & hold your love & light is a great honour.

However it can be a double edged sword.

For the ratio of giving & receiving is often unbalanced.

You often get sucked dry, neglected, used, some abused.

You may even experience cruelty & manipulation.

Some take all your love, never return anything, leaving a trail of destruction.

The scales of relationships & friendships are often unbalanced & great truths have to be learnt to level this.

I’m told I’m too kind & forgiving.

I’ve learnt that sometimes letting people have the benefit of the doubt, or second chances will usually have a big price tag attached, or at great personal sacrifice to me.

But that’s what happens when you live with this old heart of mine.

It always sees & knows the souls perspective or journey, not the human frailty, and has proven to be a mighty & humble servant.

It’s why I’m here, to be a Beacon of Love & Light.

That’s my journey of self mastery.

I must Master these lessons.

It’s hard to try to be what you are not.

It’s even sadder when life teaches you that not everyone has an open heart, that you have to dull, diminish & protect yourself, just to not get used, destroyed & devoured as you have been throughout many lifetimes.

It’s painful when people are threatened by your essence.

They will set out to destroy you, use you, manipulate or try to take what is naturally yours.

Life can change you.

But now she’s stronger, older & wiser.

The University of Life has been the Master Teacher.

Her many lessons have often been brutal & yet empowering at times.

She has learnt who to let into her inner sanctum.

She’s learnt to trust her intuition & guides.

She’s learnt to build healthy boundaries around her.

She has trusted few as her inner sanctum or circle of trust.

She’s also learnt that it’s imperative her kind & generous heart has to love herself, just as much as she gives it to others.

She’s even learnt to put herself first, for you can’t share from an empty cup.

And those who honor, love & respect her will be rewarded 10 fold by her devotion & nurturing.

Then she is free.

She loves herself & shines brightly again.

Walking her walk, talking her talk.

But shining her love & light brightly from within.

She loves deeply,

Regardless of the love she gets back in return,

And it is both,

It is my greatest strength,

But it has been at times my greatest weakness.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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