Energy Update 17/4/2018

New Moon Blessings

Energy Update

This morning 16/4/2018 at 11.27am (Adel) we have our New Moon in the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries.

We have our Sun (Masculine) & Moon (Feminine) in Firey Aries.

So that in itself gives you great insight.

The Cardinal zodiac sign of each element are the shakers & stirrer, shifters, movers & transmuters of energy.

It’s a mighty transformation point, because Fire represents transformation, action, movement, change, destruction & reconstruction or rebirth.

Aries New Moon is the beginning of the zodiac wheel, a new cycle.

Aries Fire energy is here to transform you & your world.

So I don’t think there’s one of us that haven’t snapped or been pushed to our limits over these last few weeks.

Mighty truths, how we relate to others & self, injustices have not been tolerated, justice served, creating balance in our worlds.

Much deep soul pain searching has been demanded.

This mighty energy has been delivered with compliments of the Libra Full Moon.

Many relationships broke, wobbled, or transformed.

As the Fire energy built many experienced the pressure cooker.

Some were like a volcano erupting to release.

Some taking the wounds or pain deep inside to the darkness, reeling from the attacks, then cracking your chest & hearts open, transforming healing from deep within.

But now the fire returns to give you the strength, courage, desire, passion, fight, will, determination to transform.

Like the mighty Phoenix, it’s your I Am essence that rises, to empower your world, your belief systems, your relationships, your restrictions or bindings, they all needed to crash & burn to transform.

It’s time to rise from the ashes.

It’s time to rebuild your world.

It’s time to allow only mutually beneficial & balanced relationships.

It’s time to cut some away or burn those bridges.

It’s time to ascend to set healthy boundaries, to rule your domain & take your throne, your place within this journey called life.

It’s time to forge ahead.

It’s time to ignite the funeral pyre within & once & for all burn away the pain & suffering that diminish your I Am essence.

It’s time to transform & transmute this lower vibrations from our life, world or energetic bodies.

But now it comes from an inner strength, a knowing of self, born only from surviving the transformational flames.

But beware, Fire must be respected.

For it can transform or destroy.

Unbalanced it will consume.

It will come out as explosive destruction & present as anger, rage, violence, control, desperation.

Are you bring that Ram, head down not seeing & just butting your head against the world?

Or are you a sheep, aimlessly & mind numb being part of a flock, to scared to break ranks or be unique?

And once something is said or done, from anger or destruction, it can be enough to change everything.

Connections will be permanently severed.

Some actions create major reactions or triggers to be released, endings happen for reasons.

If you are free of the destruction you now have your divine truth & clarity.

You have been set free.

You are the Alchemist now.

So shift, transform & transmute all that no longer serves you & rise like the mighty Phoenix from the ashes.

You are being birthed into the journey of self mastery.

A new cycle is here.

A new day & opportunities has dawned.

A new beginning is gifted to you for you have earnt it.

What does that new world look like to you?

What sacred seeds are you planting & nurturing?

What are you ready to birth after much hard work, fine tuning & transformation?

What reality are you now sitting in?

New Moon, new beginnings, but these are the catalyst for great change.

It’s time for empowerment, enlightenment, great heart & soul growth.

Have you discovered your gift or purpose in this lifetime?

Are you going to be of service & pay your wisdom forward?

Are you going to be all you can be?

Are you going to answer your calling?

Have you discovered the reason you are here?

Or are you going to self sabotage & fight yourself & the world for another round?

Have you still not learnt your worth?

I know who’s going to come off second best.

The University of Life is the Master Teacher.

Are you still in kindy refusing to grow or have you just graduated to primary school, high school or uni?

It’s you that holds the keys?

Are you ready to transform ?

Are you becoming the Alchemist?

Are you on the path of Self Mastery?

Are you evolving?

Are you Awakening?

It’s you that makes the ordinary extraordinary!

Your perspective is the portal.

Manifest your abundance.

Dream your world into being.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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