Energy Update 15/4/2018

Energy Update

Heart Expansion

Have you had your heart cracked open in the last 2 weeks?

Have you had to deal with your feelings?

Did you have to get real with truths?

Have you sat in a dark place feeling your old pain?

Have you been triggered to release explosive anger?

Did you realise where that anger came from?

Have you learnt what aspects of you have been suppressed, hidden, abandoned, lost, betrayed, abused, broken, controlled or even tortured?

Have you discovered that your pain & suffering comes from unexpressed truths?

Well congratulations you have been doing great soul work.

Each of us have been taken into the shadow part of our self & relationships.

To see how we relate to others.

To see how we self sabotage with deep entrenched patterns & triggers.

We are empowering lifetimes of pain & suffering.

Many women are clearing the wounds of the womb, the scars, pain & abuse run deep.

Many men are being confronted with their vulnerability to surrender into this heart space, to not only feel but express their emotions, from their desensitised & detached states from war, battles & programming & enduring.

The Divine Feminine & Masculine are healing each other.

This is a vital link to elevating consciousness.

We are all awakening & returning into heart space consciousness.

Many twin flames & soul mates have just experienced dramatic painful raw releases & explosions, as the deepest wounds release their destructive energies.

Try to see from a Souls perspective, it’s journey, lessons & gifts it wants to give you.

Not from just the physical human perspective.

The insights are very different.

You have to keep breaking your heart until it cracks open.

And cracking open they all are.

To a heart centered consciousness.

Not a mind controlled numbness.

You may be challenged beyond your limits at present.

The emotions may overwhelm you, your relationships or friendships.

However you relate is exposed to great truths. Nothing can be denied.

The mighty sword of truth has cut deep.

I’ve seen some mighty falling on their swords lately as they resisted the lessons, expansion or truth.

You can’t run, you can’t hide.

There’s only one path & it’s through the wound.

You have to learn your worth, your feelings, your truth, your moral compass, your needs, your desires.

You will also be shown where you sacrifice self or settle for scraps.

You will be shown where relationships are unbalanced.

And if you don’t know what they are yet,

I bet you have learnt or been shown exactly what you don’t want or what no longer serves or diminishes you!

The Dark Moon is here to guide you into this sacred space, to find, discover, retrieve & empower another sacred & mighty aspect of self.

It’s a vital piece that is missing before you can move forward in your path of self mastery.

It’s vital to create the space for the sacred seeds of love & light you are getting ready to birth with tomorrow’s new moon.

Are you nearly ready to reclaim your throne?

Are you starting to believe you are a divine & sovereign being?

Are you restoring boundaries in your kingdom?

Are you ready to become the Master of your destiny?

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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