5/5 Gateway – Energy Update

Energy Update


The 5:5 gateway.

5 is the number of change.

Today we have a 5 day in a 5 month in an 11 self mastery year.

So what’s that showing you?

It’s time to change.

Can you feel it in the air?

Have you felt the change in energy yesterday?

It’s time that you take all that you have learnt, all that you have been shown & all the bitter truths that have been shown to you lately.

You survived the tsunami.

Now you are at the shore looking at the white wash, thinking what the hell just happened?

You have been transformed.

You have survived & found yourself dumped out from the emotional turbulence we have all found ourselves in, whether that’s directly or indirectly.

So now we slow down into the fixed Earth energy of Taurus, where we can now ground ourselves into these new foundations & take stock.

Remember Earth energy teaches or challenges us with all our primal, survival needs.

We all need to feel safe, seen, loved, heard.

We all have primal needs like strong foundations & structures around to support us.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, and wants to deliver beauty, peace & harmony into your world now.

So if you don’t have these in place, the University of Life has delivered some irrefutable home truths lately.

It’s demanded change.

It’s enforced transformation.

It’s unleashed lessons & forces from some mighty planets.

It’s pushed us all through the eye of the needle and nothing but your I Am essence could get through the opening.

So universally 5+5+11 21/3 day

3 the number of spiritual unity.

Body, mind & soul.

Father, son, Holy Spirit.

Sun, Moon, Earth

Mother, Father, Child

Now is the time to start to bring this into fruition.

You have let go & purged much.

Now clarity is happening.

Pathways are opening.

There is a light at the end of a very long tunnel.

Change is upon us.

Change is imminent.

How have you changed?

What changes do you need to make?

What truth changed you?

What has to change for you to be the Master of your destiny?

What perspectives or belief systems have changed & evolved within you?

Shine brightly dear ones,

For this is the start of what we have all been changing & evolving towards.

Ascension, Enlightenment, Empowerment.

The door to wisdom is knowing yourself.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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