What is anger?

What is Anger?

“It is a punishment we give to ourselves, for somebody else’s mistake.

Now this is very thought provoking.

Anger usually comes from frustration, hurt, disappointment, being let down, taken for granted, used or abused.

We get angry when we feel unseen or unheard.

When we feel disrespected.

Sometimes it comes from accusations or judgements.

Sometimes it’s triggered by mighty truths that we resist, slap you in the face, or are bitter sweet.

Sometimes anger is triggered by lies & manipulations.

But in truth anger is how we express a great dissatisfaction, travesty or injustice.

It is a response to someone else’s actions or inactions.

For every action, there is an equal opposing reaction.

Some are angry at the world because they assume life would be different.

Some have anger triggered by disappointment or failure.

Some have old pain & sufferings that just oozes out as anger.

Sometimes we have to get angry to summon our strength & energy to battle on & push through life.

It puts fire in our bellies & motivation, but out of balance it causes destruction.

Sometimes we have to get angry to let people know they have crossed the line.

It’s how we give fair warning or tell people to heed our warning when we yell, growl or snarl at others.

So why do we hang onto anger?

Do we really choose to punish ourselves?

Do we cut our noses off to spite our face?

Anger is a poison that will slowly eat away at the container it is in, it will change you.

It can & will destroy & consume you if you let it.

Anger is usually an emotion or trigger that comes when we have bottled up, buried, or not expressed our truths or feelings.

So who or what do you have to forgive?

Is it yourself or another?

Is it time to let your anger go?

Are you done punishing yourself?

Are you ready to love & nurture you?

Are you ready to be free?

Are you ready to take another step towards self mastery?

Because whilst you hold onto the anger,

you loose, they win……….

They have successfully controlled & manipulated you & your energy.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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