Divine & Sovereign Right

Divine & Sovereign Right

I have just been shown a message & blessing & I was asked to share this vision to help many people understand the journey.

I was shown how we are beings of pure & divine love & light.

That the whole ascension process is all about us returning to & reclaiming our I Am Essence.

It is our Divine & Sovereign Right.

We are pure love & light.

It is our I Am Essence.

We go through layers of veils as we descend from our purest form, from all knowing consciousness, into our lower physical 7 Chakras, bringing but a small portion of this essence into the physical form.

We get a form of amnesia because this Earth path is the pathway to ascension.

You must master the lowest of vibrations, energy & the lessons we attract to reclaim this essence.

Ascension is activated by seals on our body, I was shown many but one of them, as we walk the Earth, the Earth Star is activated in certain locations, geometric points. That’s why we are inexplicably drawn to certain places that are programmed to activate us.

Why we are drawn to live in certain places to anchor energy & feed the earths grids.

We must Master our Soul Contracts to remember & reclaim more & more of our I Am Essence.

I was shown crystals that I have that trigger ancient wisdom & hold codes.

I was shown the layers of separation we go through & why this Earth walk is so painful for so many.

I was shown this is why we yearn for a deeper love & to go home.

Why there is an emptiness or aloneness that so many feel.

Why there is an insatiable yearning within to search for something.

But I was show that it’s not external, it’s internal.

We are grieving & yearning for this sacred connection, that is what we have to find & reclaim & remember.

We already have it.

It’s our Divine & Sovereign Right.

I kept hearing this over & over again.

Dear One, it is your Divine & Sovereign Right.

It’s learning to love ourself.

It’s learning to honour ourselves.

It’s learning to be of service.

It’s how we share our love & light.

It’s why we freely share knowledge & wisdom to awaken & empower others.

It’s how we hold a helping hand out to our fellow humans.

It’s our deep connection to heaven & earth, as above so below.

It’s learning to reconnect & open our sacred heart to allow a feeling of pure bliss to flood our very essence.

It is self mastery.

It is the journey of awakening.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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