17/11/2017 Update

Energy Update

So how are you coping with the dark moon phase of Scorpio?

As we plunge into the deepest, darkest, murky sludge of the emotions of the shadow self?

Have your been dealing with your greatest pains, fears, & triggers?

Yesterday & today, you may find you are pushed to breaking point.

Has something been forced to the surface?

Has a relationship, friendship or situation, that you have now discovered has been draining your life force energy & emotions been turbulent or explosive?

Have you been shattered into a million pieces on a heart or soul level?

Have you had vivid dreams that stir deep emotions or a restlessness deep within?

Have you found yourself speaking a new truth?

Have you voiced a story that was too painful to share, that you could never speak of it before, yet now it just bubbles out?

Or are you through this now & ready to birth a new you, new belief system, new project, new job, new career path, new relationship, with tomorrow’s New Moon?

Today is a time of introspection.

To connect deeply to your truth, your moral compass, the whispers of your heart & soul.

Absolute truth is there now.

Vital keys are found & earnt.

Great wounds of the heart & soul have been unearthed, transmuted & transformed.

The big question is are you now ready to step up, stand tall, to not only talk the talk but walk your walk?

To be the Master of your Destiny?

Or are you a slave to sacrifice?

Or victim of circumstances?

Has the sting of the mighty scorpion killed off aspects of you that no longer serve your highest good?

Or has it got you paralysed in fear & despair?

Your initiation is a rights of passage to Self Mastery.

You may feel it’s too much, overwhelming, all consuming, but it’s not.

It’s just the right amount to push you through, to create endings.

To transform & birth you into a new aspect or dimension of yourself.

An aspect beyond anything you know or believe you can be.

A reconnection to your Divine I Am Essence.

But you must journey forward now with a heart that is open.

To create or reconnect heaven on earth.

Is destiny or a higher force calling you?

Something to ponder,

Love light & blessings


Energising Souls


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