1/9/2017 Welcome September

Welcome September

Today we officially say it’s Spring, but Mother Earth says its still 3 weeks away.

The Earth is coming back to life, new shoots on everything, bulbs are starting to flower, the birds are singing & the Sun is shining.

It makes you feel like you are coming back to life after a deep slumber in our caves or somewhere in the whirlwind of fire energy downloads from August.

It feels like it’s time to catch our breathe, time to pause, reset, adjust & ground it all into the physical with the big Virgo Earth energy that abounds.

Spring is the time of rebirth, of new cycles, new beginnings.

It’s vitally important to tend to & work this sacred soil as you plant those sacred seeds to flourish over the next 6 months.

So take action steps.

Make changes.

Take chances.

The Divine Feminine has been anchored & you will find a new found freedom & liberation to express your true, inner & nurtured self.

You will also have an intolerance to anything that wants to bind, diminish or oppress this essence.

Boundaries need to be set.

Rules of engagement & drawing healthy lines in the sand, learning to say no, or just learning to say no more, because you have finally started to love yourself as much as you love others.

Men will be suddenly open & want to share or feel the need to express their truths & become unsettled or unnerved, feeling vulnerable with emotions.

You will find a distinct need to be authentic, no more making everyone else happy at your expense.

You may feel inspired to start a healthy way of eating, exercise or lifestyle changes.

You may be ready to kick old habits or addiction.

The key is to get out of your head, the ego & monkey chatter has kept you prisoner for too long.

A Virgo trap is to be a perfectionist & also stubborn & bloody minded. As they go over & over the scenario wanting it to be controlled & perfect, instead of allowing things to be & flow.

It can also get you trapped in materialism, thinking if I have acquired all these assets I’m a success, a great show to the world.

Yet you still feel empty inside.

But you know or are learning that’s not where your real riches are, they are when your heart & soul sings.

Trust is a big key.

Freedom awaits.

The dreams are becoming a reality.

Your soul is guiding you home, to connect deeply to your heart & soul.

Love is the way forward.

A glorious new life full of purpose & authenticity awaits.

The reason why you are here is rumbling to the surface.

Are you ready to birth a new you?

Blessings, love & light


Energising Souls


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