22/11/17 Welcome Sagittarius

Welcome Sagittarius

Well we now move out of the dark emotional water abyss of Scorpio & now the transformation & rebirth starts, as we all breathe a huge sigh of relief.

We made it through the shadows & the light is returning.

We are now being blessed with the energy & gifts of Sagittarius, a Fire sign.

We have the Sun/Soul energy blazing at us, activating great soul growth & life force energy.

It’s here to burn bridges, kick in our strength, courage, passions, drive, motivation & ability to transform from a soul level.

It’s here to ignite us into action.

It’s the philosopher, the adventurer, the free spirit, the one who has an abundance of life force energy, the one who shines & burns brightly.

Vibrant, energetic.

But beware, fire burns & gets out of control really easy.

It can go from being constructive to destructive quickly.

It can be volatile & explosive, especially if you try to contain or control it.

It’s depicted by the Archer, he now knows his truth, his essence, his path & has a keen eye to deliver bang on target now.

So what bridges need to be burnt?

What fires need to be ignited deep within?

Have you got itchy feet?

Are you yearning to travel & discover new things?

Are you ready to step into your personal power?

Are you ready to shine brightly?

Are you a trail blazer?

Are you the light beacon inspiring others & leading the crusade towards the light?

Enjoy the new life force that is your blessing & gift you have earnt.

Dream big dear ones, as we leave the 11 self mastery month in preparation for 2018, an 11 Master year.

What is that looking like for you?

Big, bright, happy, blessed & fullfilled lives are waiting, but do you have the self love & self belief to bring it into fruition?

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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