19/11/17 New Moon & Master Day

New Moon Blessings

22/4 Master Day


Well how are we all feeling after?

Much has been revealed.

Great truth has come to light, now known or has been spoken.

Deep healings on an emotional heart & soul Level have occurred.

Rites of Passage & initiations have been journeyed.

Great endings, transformations & rebirth.

Is the Phoenix ready to rise from the ashes?

Are you ready to be the Master Builder?

Because today is a 22/4 Master Day, straight after that amazing transformational Scorpio energy, of both Sun (Masculine) & Moon (Feminine) illuminating our psyche & emotions.

Powerful sacred medicine, for now you have started the journey of self mastery, you have walked through the 11:11 portal.

The first level of self mastery.

You have connected to self.

To truth.

To your belief systems.

Eliminated much from your world.

But the rubble or fall out can still remain.

The next level, how are you building on your newly discovered self?

Now you walk your walk.

You build on those dreams.

You live your life.

You are of service for the greater good.

You are a light bearer.

You are now in touch with your authentic self.

You have elevated your consciousness.

You are connecting to your soul tribes.

Awakening to your purpose.

Defeated & shed those aspects that haunted & diminished you.

Today, the Universe is asking you to rise, into a new empowered version of you.

Are you ready to transform you & your world?

Are you dreaming your world into being?

Rise & transform oh mighty Phoenix.

It’s time to spread those hard earnt wings & fly.

Shine your pure love & light.

Become all that you Are………..

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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