23/11/17 Fires of Sagittarius

Welcome Sagittarius Energy

Yesterday we shifted out of the relentless emotional water sign of Scorpio & step into the transformational fires of Sagittarius.

Depicted as the Archer, he forged forward taking aim & shooting his arrows towards those hopes, dreams & destiny you have been working so hard to manifest. You can now shoot your arrows straight at your target & land it!

It’s about liberation, freedom loving, like the mighty Pheonix rising from the ashes, that’s your soul, transformed, awakened, powerful, free, liberated & courageous.

Sag energy will be the catalyst we all need to burn away what still remains, to burn those bridges, sever those cords, unleash your passion.

But Fire Energy must be respected, for out of balance it will destroy. It will bring anger, bitterness, jealousy, envy, greed, control.

You may find some literally have a melt down in front of your eyes, the flames consuming them.

If you find yourself getting irritable, snitchy, restless or frustrated, then you need to burn up the energy by physical exertion.

Or you will be throwing fireballs where they aren’t justified, causing destruction.

It’s known as the Philosopher, so the energy will have you questioning & seeking big answers.

Who am I?

What’s my life about?

Where do I belong?

What’s my future looking like?

What burning desires or driving force is stirring deep within?

It’s the perfect energy for us to push through the last 6 weeks of 2017 our universal 1 year. The year of new beginnings & destiny awaits.

2018 is an 11 Master year.

Everything you have unearthed & set into motion is set to succeed.

That is if you do the work, manifesting & bringing them into the physical.

If you haven’t started the rebirth process, then a mighty push will occur.

You’ve done all the hard soul searching & life transforming work this year.

Your life & who is in it should be looking very different than at the start of the year.

You should be in touch with your truth & belief systems.

So use this time to take that fire energy, transforming us through the shadows, the rebirth process.

Allow it to burn away all that no longer serves you & diminishes you.

Get ready for our upcoming New Year, where you will be equipped to start reaping the benefits, from those sacred seeds of the future, you have been nurturing, dreaming & yearning for.

You will have the fire, sun/soul energy, passion, strength & courage, from deep in your belly now, to not only survive but thrive.

Get ready to fly,

Enjoy the Fires of Transformation.

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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