18/11/2017 energy Update

Energy Update

What a big energy last night.

It sure was the dark moon phase.

Big channel.

Be aware of your dreams, they are prophetic, reconnection, deep messages or triggers from your soul.

You may even get flashes of your past life’s.

What were you shown on the physical from yesterday or last night?

Was big truth spoken?

Did big triggers happen?

Did the ending come?

Much is being revealed.

Has someone shown their true colours to you?

Have you felt like a part of you was literally dying inside?

Has there been a shift in perspective?

Did you have a metaphysical initiation or go through a Rites of Passage?

Did you reconnect to an ancient memory?

Did parts or aspects of you reveal themselves?

You are sitting at the crossroads.

Which way will you go? ………

Pluto & Mars are powerhouse planets that are not playing nice, enforcing clashes within relationships that no longer serve your highest good, endings will happen.

Chiron the wounded healer is in the line of fire, you know that pain, fear, sadness, vulnerability, betrayal or feeling well now.

You have spent the last few months unearthing them.

Are you in fight or flight mode?

So will you run away or fight hard to cross that bridge or walk past this obstacle (real or perceived) in your path?

You are being challenged, to know your truth & act with integrity.

Draw on your strength & courage, fight through now, for your soul is demanding it.

The mortal wounds of the soul are being addressed whether you like it or not.

You are being shattered into a million pieces to break away outdated belief systems, untruths, toxic relationships, outdated arrangements & environments.

It’s demanding that you drop into your sacred heart space & earth mission.

This is your initiation.

This is your Rite of Passage.

This is your time for Self Mastery.

This is the opportunity to reclaim your hidden gifts & become Empowered.

Are you ready to birth the new version of you?

Are you ready to be the Master of your Destiny?

Much will be revealed as we await the return of the light & Grandmother Moon gifts us a deep wisdom into our psyche.

Enjoy the self discoveries.

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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