Sacred Earth Connection

Sacred Earth Connection

When man or woman disconnects from Earth, from Mother Nature, the Divine Mother, we become lost, disconnected, disillusioned, hard.

Why do you think she’s called that?

The Divine Mother nurtures all her Earth Children.

She gives us all we need to not only survive but thrive this physical incarnation.

But the choice is ours.

Do you choose only to survive it?

Choosing & struggling going it on your own?

Or do you choose to thrive?

Connecting with a deep sacred connection that nurtures you on all levels?

We are like ships without a rudder.

A person without a home.

We have no roots, no stability, no foundations.

We become primal in survival mode.

You meander through life with no purpose, just waiting to serve your time.

You feel you don’t belong.

When you move away from nature your heart becomes hard.

You become comfortably numb.

You become lost.

You become hard, bitter, resentful.

You isolate yourself.

You loose your life force energy.

You become a hollow, empty shell.

Connect or reconnect to her.

Open your crown & heart.

Visualise you have roots coming out of your feet into Earth.

Imagine breathing pure white light or golden Source consciousness.

Allowing it to flow through you.

As you just relax & breathe, this beautiful love & light flows into Mother Earth.

Then breathe her energy up into your heart space.

You start to merge Heaven & Earth within.

Feel a warmth, an embrace.

A stabilising or strength comes up through your body, your bones.

Visualise yourself as a mighty Tree.

It’s your Tree of Life.

You have deep roots to anchor.

Visualise your body as the trunk.

Yours arms the branches.

and allow the sacred connection to flow.

Just breathe.

Be still & observe.

Connect & ground yourself regularly.

Spend time in nature.

Take your shoes off & walk on the Earth.

Try it, you may just see a bit of magic happens, a miracle & huge shift of transformation in you.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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