So delectably wicked…

This is so delectably wicked.

Only a few weeks ago I made the statement that “I wished I could be a cold hearted bitch, that I could treat others the same way as they think they can treat me”.

I was told “but Jen you can’t be cold or cruel even if you tried, your heart is full of pure love”.

I resisted for a moment, like a stubborn child does, when it knows the truth, but wants to still be heard.

And you know, they were right.

Within moments the indignant, wounded child stepped aside, to allow the Crone wisdom back in, as my Mother aspect immediately kicked in to nurture me.

Why would I want to be like that?

Why would I give away my personal power?

Why would I allow myself to be diminished?

Why would I allow them to hurt me or make me vulnerable?

Why would I allow myself to lower myself to their vibration?

Why would I allow the betrayal to break me instead of empowering me?

Why do I need that lesson again?

What do I need to do about this?

Didn’t you make a sacred promise to yourself to never let another betray you again?

I was reminded that those with the purest kindest hearts all have to learn & Master this lesson.

So I quickly deleted that intention.

For I made & stated a direct intention, whilst hurt & wounded.

Thus I was vulnerable.

That intention couldn’t be further from my truth & belief system.

Here we come back to our amazing gift of Free Will & its lessons.

Guess what I chose……….?

I exerted my free will.

I nurtured that vulnerable aspect of me.

I forgave them.

I had to look at the Souls perspective with compassion to understand why they did it.

I saw I was being challenged & tested to see just how far I’d come.

I learnt, I stood tall.

I spoke my truth.

I put up some serious boundaries.

I spoke my words from love, transforming & healing the connection.

My love & light is now being respected, not taken for granted, or it’s withdrawn.

I drew that line in the sand & took back my personal power.

I decided I deserve better.

So you decide.

You are responsible for every choice, every decision, every interaction.

What vibrations are you sending out into the world?

For what you give, you receive……

I know what I want to give & receive.

I know how I treat others.

I know what I deserve.

Do you?

A word of caution & warning as we move into Fire energy, this dynamic transformational energy is a powerhouse.

It needs to be respected.

Fire can empower & destroy.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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