What does your heart desire?

What is your soul yearning for?

What dream is awakening?

What or who has you attention?

Has a new path appeared?

Have you outgrown people, relationships, places or situations?

Are you remembering who you are?

Why you are here?

What is your purpose?

Is destiny or a higher power calling you onto a new path?

Are you discovering long lost or hidden aspects of you?

Are you starting to connect to like minded people or your soul tribe?

Have you seen or are discovering a new or different way to be?

How different are you & the world you live in at the end of this big year of new beginnings & transformation?

Are you at the crossroads wondering what should I do?

Well the time is now.

Take action.

The universe is setting you free, clearing your path.

Harness the fires of transformation that are being gifted to us now.

But it takes the fires, to activate, to make the strong, brave & courageous keep going, wake up or fight back.

Because you must take action before you move forward, burn bridges, sever cords or connections.

Fire transforms.

Bring the change, or ground it into the physical or reality.

You have to make a choice,

To make a change,

Or things will always stay the same.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Be you………

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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