Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse
Full Moon energies

Tonight 8/8 at 1.20am – 6.20am (Adel) peaking at 3.50am.
Grandmother Moon is showing us her Divine wisdom as she is eclipsed.
But remember it’s only a partial eclipse, what parts of you are partially eclipsed?

So what does that mean?
Where has your Divine Feminine & Ancient self been eclipsed & immersed in the shadow self?
Where has your I Am essence been hiding in safety waiting to be rebirthed?
What deep dark emotions have held you diminished for so long, even lifetimes?
What lessons did you have to learn to become wise and a wisdom keeper?
Where have you compromised your personal power?
Where has your journey been sacrificed or eclipsed by the demand, wants or needs of others?
Where have you sacrificed yourself, enduring beyond reason, giving far more than a fair pound of flesh, absorbing the pain & suffering of many?
Are you ready to heal the wounds of the womb?
Are you remembering who you are & why you are here?
Are you having prophetic dreams?
Are ancient memories rumbling?
Are you being drawn to Sacred Geometry?
Are you seeing many connections?
Are you Awakening?
Are you healing aspects of the Divine Femine, the Inner Child, Maiden, Mother or Crone?

Well the time has come for this to no longer happen. Our time of self sacrifice is done.

We have our Full Moon in Aquarius at 3.40am 8/8
We then step through the Lions Gate, the ancient doorway or portal connecting heaven, earth, our I Am essence to the Great Central Sun & Sirius.
It gifts you access to the Golden Rays to Source Consciousness to transform, awaken & empower you.
Are you ready to be birthed into the age of Aquarius & 5th dimension & beyond?

Release, release, release dear ones.
For the heavens are aligning.
Your time & awakening is coming.

Love, light & blessings

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