Life & Lessons

Life & lessons

I’ve heard stories from so many people about the hardships they have had to endure. A few exasperated with life & its heavy weight even stated “I don’t deserve this”, many saying “how much more do I have to endure”.

That is true, just because you are strong enough to handle pain, doesn’t mean you deserve it.

Sometimes it feels like life is against you, life is pushing you to the limits, life is unfair, life is hard, life is painful.

Yes it is at times.

But it’s designed not to destroy you or break you, but to empower & liberate you.

The University of Life is the Master Teacher.
If you continue to resist your truth or lessons, it will send you more of the same until you get it.
Each time you resist the lessons are harsher, until the soul has learnt & honoured its soul contract.

It will break you free of limiting & diminishing environments, people, situations & relationships.

Life will keep delivering lessons for the evolution of your soul.
We go through lessons to gain wisdom.
To peel away the layers.
To push you along your path.
To become an enlightened & empowered soul.
After all, that’s why you are here in the physical journey.

We can choose to be a victim or victorious.

It is said you will never be given more than you can handle.
At times I have challenged Creator with his faith in me. When I’ve fallen to my knees, when I’ve been shattering into a million pieces.
But every challenge I have endured, and I’ve had more than my fair share, has made me stronger, wiser, free, connected on a deeper level.
I gained strength & courage when I didn’t have any.
Love & compassion to heal the deepest wounds.
Light to counteract any darkness or fear.
Self belief to endure.
Help in the darkest hours.
Awakening & remembering my life purpose.

And so can you……

Love, light & blessings


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