Energy Update

Energy Update

Well we are all pushing through the last of the Cancer energies & lessons as we starts to head even deeper into our shadow selves. As Grandmother Moon wanes (diminishes) & we enter the dark moon phase, the deepest darkest recess within the wounded shadow awaits.

What deep emotional waters have you found yourself in?
What family issues have appeared for healing, resolution or challenges?
What part of your vulnerability has been tested?
What wound or soul lesson has appeared for you to face, to heal once & for all?
Or are you not ready to sort your emotions?
Do you need another cycle on the merry go round of life?
Have you been wounded, disappointed or even betrayed by the inner sanctum yet again?
Have you been the one to decide it’s time to walk away?
Have you been the one who finally realised they deserve better in a relationship?
Have you seen that job, situation, friendship, relationship, connection, simply brings you down & no longer serves your highest good?
Have you been craving a deep soul connection that you can no longer deny?
Have you seen the roles family members play in your evolution?
Is it time for forgiveness or to see from a Souls growth perspective?
Do you need to love you again?
Are you finally worthy of happiness & ready to honor you?

Congratulations, you have been doing your soul work.

Energetically we are just like Winter.
We hibernate or go into our caves.
It is a time of reflection & introspection.
We need to nurture us to survive the harsh elements & lean times.
We need to prune the dead branches, to promote new growth.
All the beautiful colored leaves have fallen & fruit are gone & the trees as baron.
We need to prepare the soil for all the new growth in Spring.
We literally bunker down to weather the storms.
So do we.

We let go.
There must be endings to create space for the new beginnings, the new growth in Spring, when the Sun or our Soul energy returns.
We make room for the new ways, the new people, new job, new study, new belief systems, anything can appear.

You have to grow & stretch within the transit space.
You leave or let go of the old & you find your self in the unknown abys.
Nothing is familiar or feels the same.
Instinct says this is unknown.
Your primal survival instinct of fight or flight kicks in.
I’m not safe, I’m not strong, I’m not capable, I’m not ready, I don’t understand.
That’s the moment when fear steps in & you self sabotage, accepting the familiar just because you know it, thinking better the devil I know.

But the real transformation is in the stretching & growing.
Like the grub in the cocoon sack, it’s in its metamorphosis.
It has no idea what it is becoming, but instinctively knows it has to go through this process.
It has to wriggle, struggle, endure, sit in the darkness, stretch & break the bindings & grow out, breaking free of its restraints.
When it does that, it’s transformed into a magnificent butterfly, its earnt its wings, then spreads its wings & fly.
Transformed & empowered.
Starting a new beginning & cycle.

That’s exactly where we are at now.

So continue to make your space.
To grow.
To change.
To believe in your dreams.
To stretch & push through perceived challenges, boundaries or restrictions.

Hold on dear ones,
The blessings for all this soul work is on its way.
The Sun is returning, so to are we.
You wings are being earnt & discovered.

Love, light & blessings


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