There’s no maybe about it.

What makes you think you will be happy with more if you aren’t grateful with what you have or the blessings you have already received?

The darkness, the shadow self, the hard times are all designed to make you search for riches hiding deep within.
To fall crashing to your knees so you can learn your strength & courage.
To have old belief systems stripped away.
To see what you are really made of.
The greatest lessons are learnt in the most painful times.
To bring love & light to the darkest places.
You grow in the hard times, you evolve, you awaken, you sort things, you let things go, you hold on for dear life.
You transform.
You are reborn.
Then the light returns & you start to shine brightly again.
A diamond received many cuts before it’s polished & dazzles with beauty.

Materialism is another focus.
Often I ask people what are you grateful for in your world?
Many will immediately rattle off material things.
But then I ask…………
What about to be alive?
What about your health?
What about the food you eat?
What about Mother Earth, she provides all your earthly needs?
The home you live in?
The family & friends you have?
The job you have?
The money & freedom that job gives you to not only survive, live your life & maybe even travel?
The fact you live in a safe country not a war torn country?
Do you appreciate your journey?
Do you see who was teaching you such valuable lessons?
Can you see they were honoring their soul contracts with you?
Have you paused to see how far you have come?

All this wisdom comes from the hard times, the times of self reflection, the time of introspection, sitting deep within the shadows.

Hello darkness my old friend,
I’ve come to talk with you again………
Great wisdom sits there.
Do not fear the shadow self, your greatest power sits there, patiently waiting for you to reconnect.

The kindest, bravest, strongest, compassionate people have all had more than their fair share of darkness & hardships.
They are that way because they know how it feels & they shine their light brightly so others don’t have to endure as they have.

You have to know the darkness,
Before you can appreciate the light.

Shine brightly dear ones,
And if you can’t be the light,
I pray you find your light.
If you can’t do that then reach out.
You are never alone.

Love, light & blessings


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