Are you going through big life changes?
Were they your choice?
Or did your world come crashing down at your feet?
Are you contemplating what way do I go?
What’s the best choice for me?
What would I do or be if I was free to choose?
Should I stay or should I go?
Will this job change or always drive me crazy?
Do I still want to be in this relationship?
Do I have the strength to keep going?
Why am I always pleasing others?
What is it that I want to do or achieve?

Life is a series of natural & spontaneous changes.
Don’t resist them –
They only create sorrow.
Let reality be reality.
Let things flow naturally forward,
In whatever way they like.

You inflict the greatest pain & mental anguish on yourself with the indecision.
How long have you been struggling with this decision?
Does your decision cause others pain & you don’t want to hurt them?
Are you afraid of criticism or judgement?
Do you believe in you?
Or do you believe you aren’t good enough or worthy of abundance & blessings?

Are you finally ready to love & honour you?
Are you worthy of happiness?

Change, we fight so hard to change.
We fear & resist change.
We struggle with change.
We refuse change because at least we know the familiar & may fear the unknown.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings

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