Solstice Blessings

Solstice Blessings

Today at 12 noon (adel) we have our Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.
So what does that mean?
Today has the shortest daylight hours and longest hours of darkness.
Today we are furtherest away from the Sun our Soul/Solar Energy.
From today the mighty wheel turns & starts its long journey back towards the light.
Energetically so do we.

Spend a moment reflecting on cycles, seasons, lessons learnt & the journey you have travelled so far this year.

Light a candle & look into the flame, you can release anything to be transformed by the element of fire. Symbolically by lighting a candle you are also lighting the light within.

I bet there has been huge transformation in many aspects of your world. Relationships, family, career, homes, etc.
21/6/2017 is an 19/10/1 day in a 1 universal year. 1 the number of new beginnings.
1 day, 1 year, look at that doorway to step through. Are you ready to Master yourself?
You hear about divine timing, well the planets, stars, moon, earth, sun are all aligning to honour the mighty wheel & cycles.
So have we, the Universe is saying go for it, green light.

Mother Nature always knows, we tune into her rhythm we tune deeply into life itself.
We reap what we sow, and what we do now will yield us a great harvest come Spring & Summer.
Now is our time to tend to that fertile soil & ideas in preparation for Saturday’s New Moon.

We dream our world into being.
Dream big dear ones, dream big, for your hard work has been done & your inner light is guiding you home.

Love, light & blessings
Jenny 🙏💜


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