New Moon Blessings on 22/4 Master Day

New Moon Blessings

Today at 12 noon (Adel) we have our New Moon in Cancer. It is a Water sign (yes here come the emotions) & depicted by the Crab. It is ruled by the Moon & has the healing energy of the Mother/Nurturer.

This new cycle will gift you a new cycle around your feelings & emotions if you have done the work.
Issues relating to family are ruled by Cancer, because it’s our most sacred connections & our deepest learning/healing space within the soul family pod.
You may have deep emotions or memories stirring around your family, mum, your place within a family?
You maybe questioning your roots or dealing with Ancestral Healing.
Are you questioning your home & family dynamics, looking at how you relate within it?
You may be craving nurturing, caring, sharing & emotional support.
It is a great opportunity to finally balance those emotions & deal with any addictions that you have to mask that buried pain.
You may be tested emotionally to stay focused & true to you.
Remember to rise above any chaos, you can hover within the eye of a storm & not get sucked into the emotions, if you choose.
Do you need more lessons the magnitude of a Tsunami or are you happy & wise safe in the white wash on the shore?

Think of the Crab
It guards its domain with fierce tenacity, on guard with its nippers up ready to strike. You think twice before entering or taking it on.
But if it gets knocked off balance, unstable or flipped on it’s back it’s defenseless. Its soft underbelly exposed & a mortal wound can be delivered.
That’s exactly what can happen to us if we aren’t balanced & feeling safe within our homes & worlds.

We have just had our Winter Solstice & the soil is lush & fertile.
What sacred seeds are you ready to plant?
What new way of being & feeling has emerged within you?
What hopes & dreams do you have?

The tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness, and struggle to reach the light.
Energetically that is us.
Take those sacred dreams & plant them now.
We reap what we sow.
Tend to your Tree of Life now & you will find a harvest beyond your wildest dreams will be waiting for you in Spring/Summer.

Dream big, with the passions of your heart & soul, for the one with the open heart will receive great blessings when the mighty wheel turns again.

This is the key to manifestation.
Knowing when to gather, when to rest, when to let go, when to take action, steps to ground it from the ethers to the physical.

Today 24/6/2017 is a 22/4 Master Day.
The Master Builder.
The Universe is giving you the green light, because of Self Mastery, to build the life you were destined to live.

What are the next 6 months going to look like for you?
I know I have planted my sacred seeds to nurture & tend to.
Dream your world into being.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings


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